Frontpages- Messi! Messi! Messi!

November 30, 2016 01:41
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Winter is coming! Don’t get it wrong Games of Thrones fans, we are talking about winter market. Italian papers share some interesting news about Inter market and the news are very INTEResting.

GdS– Christmas scudetto! Nine meetings involving the top eight. Inter fight for the top.

CdS– Messi to Inter. Pirelli’s president dreams about the Argentine and Suning ready to make it happen.

TS– Tronchetti: “I dream of Messi and at times dreams come true”. Gabibol? He needs to play

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Seiya20n

    so unreal, some guys are dreaming or smoking all day long!

  • baim

    he almost 30 years old, if sunning did not want to buy toure because of his age, why they want messi

  • Theflow

    Pirelli was also behind gabigol transfer and he only played 14 min.

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    just give us the fullbacks we want god damn it

  • Pablo

    His release clause is 250m, not that much for fuckin MESSI!!!

  • casperv

    LOL… That will NEVER happen!


    Spending so much money on just one player is stupid to say the least. You can literally purchase and entire team with that amount, unless of course his contract expires and we get him for free. His salary though, too much trouble for just one guy. Not worth it.

    • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

      Sale of Messi shirts in Asia?

  • Interfan99

    While we’re at it why not sign Neymar and Suarez too?

  • Alphonse

    Imagine the no. of trolls and fanboys here (and every Inter fans site) if it would happen..

  • Colin McCarthy

    The Dong and Pirelli unite to say Fuck Defence!! make a monster bid to sign Messi

    • vikram_yahoo

      Ah, the good ol’ Moratti days. Ronaldo & Vieri on the pitch. Cruz, Zambrano & Recoba on the bench & Baggio in the stands. Left back, Gresko & after Gresko, Coco. Other notable names, Choutos & others that my brain has blocked from memory for my own personal well being.


      • mongkih

        gresko is the only pure breed jinx T_T

      • Rosadmorman

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      • hokiM

        georgatos 🙂 lol