Luis Suarez: “Messi could’ve already been at Inter”

November 30, 2016 16:54
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Inter legend Luis Suarez has sensationally revealed that Lionel Messi could’ve already been plying his trade for the Nerazzurri in light of Pirelli’s Marco Tronchetti Provera suggesting he’s a dream for Inter. Speaking on Radio Kiss Kiss he said: “He could’ve arrived at Inter when he had Deco, Ronaldinho and Eto’o in front of him at Barcelona. I still have his pre-contract. But actually this is only a dream, I think this news is written only for ‘show’.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • nozanneti

    this “wannabe Messi” is today worth … almost nothing. he is stuck in HSV, abandoned by hsv and forgotten … sad story. he is 20 years old now.

  • nozanneti

    good for him he stayed at barca…. the rest is well-known legend.

  • Colin

    Pirelli have invested heavily in Argentina already, Messi is the dream player for them.

  • Michael Rojas

    we probably would have sold him too like we do with all our young talent loll

    • defcon

      you probably right.

    • nozanneti

      he is not that consistent like rano… all those years in inter.

  • casperv

    Nothing new in this.. Moratti has said a few times that he was very close to signing him when he was very young

    • Adrian Raditya

      with us, he’ll end up become Cou 2.0