Front pages: 15 Million offer for Banega

December 30, 2016 01:11
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Today, December 30th, the Corriere dello Sport devotes space in its front page to Inter: “Inter, 15 millions offered for Banega. Cannavaro wants him in China.”

Gazzetta Dello Sport also mentions the Banega offer in their front page: “Chinese syndrome. Tevez shock: 38 million per year to play in Shanghai. Villas Boas wants to tempt Witsel and Cannavaro tries to get Banega.

Tuttosport, as usual has a Juve focused front page: Gagliardini what an auction! After buying Rincon, Juve can also beat Roma in the race for Atalanta talent … even Inter are in this big auction. For June Isco is the name, who takes time on his renewal with Real Madrid.

Sources: Corriere dello sport, Gazzetta dello sport, Tuttosport

Rahul Sharma
By Rahul Sharma
  • daus torus

    I think sunning know how to manage inter transfer
    Well we’ll see their movement
    If banega sold on 15 to make sunning competitor stronger, we know that we Are juat a club managed by people with money but no brain

  • Wynne Putradana

    Because of we got him free

  • nozanneti

    yet another guy who knows_ what playing football means_ is, of course,
    NOT WELCOME AT small-minded club like inter…
    we will never learn to appreciate players who know the game of football.
    messi, ronaldo, modrić etc. would be failure at inter, because
    smart asses at inter f.c. have no clue about the job they are “doing”…

  • Interfan99

    If we accept this offer, we must be a joke football club

    • nozanneti

      we already are :-((
      ask sparta, hapoel, that english club, fringe italian clubs …

  • Seiya20n

    did Ausilio include a buy out redemption clause? he is a truly great player, came with ambitions and just need more time with us, plz don’t sell him yet!

  • ezekiel

    15m!? i know they can do better than this.. damn.. even chinese clubs are look down on us.. how come they offer us 15m!!!!!!?

    • JAY

      not hard to find out we suck at negotiation

  • Dani Milekić

    Stop with these insulting offers right away. Inter should publicly announce his price of 45 million euros to make these clowns dissapear.

    • JAY

      he is better than oscar I swear

  • boln

    15 mil euro for banega but 60 mil pound for oscar? Okay

  • Farhan Gani

    I wouldn’t worry.. These chinese teams are also Sunings competitors..

    • baim

      good point

    • JAY

      sunning sold a Chinese player to them for 18 m recently lol