Happy New Year From SempreInter.com

December 31, 2016 17:58
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Depending on where you are, we’re only hours away from a new year being ushered in. A year that will hold a lot of changes for us at SempreInter.com where for example we will soon release our new homepage which has many new features designed to make your experience here much more enjoyable.

However, before moving on by looking forward to the future we must first look back at what has already been. So from all of us at SempreInter.com, thank you for this past year.

Happy New Year!

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Inter DiHati

    Om Telolet Om

    • Messiah

      what does that mean?

  • dimas

    Happy new year brothers of the world!!! Pazza Inter amala!!

  • Inter DiHati

    Happy New Year sempreinter and all Inter brothers in the world! Let’s pray this year we will see a better INTER FC!

  • nozanneti

    happy new year to all inter fans !
    we expect some more common sense at inter this year !!
    let’s see what pioli is made of.

  • yanis

    happy new year for every inter fans πŸ˜€

  • Binto Baggio

    Happy New Year Nima and all sempreinter crews… and happy new year to all interista, God bless us

  • mongkih

    happy new year my brothers and sisters. its so good to have you guys virtually to discuss about same passion, a love for inter. AMALA!

  • baim

    happy new years for every inter fans in the world. enjoy the up and down for being inter fans. hopefully 2017 is our year.

  • Pradana Gilang

    Happy new year guys.. I rarely write a comment on this site recently but I read you all. Nice belong in this family

  • syahrul sembarang

    Happy new years nima, cant wait for the new features as you promises
    Happy marcato, n hope we have happy result too :))

  • Alphonse

    Happy New Year, hope our beloved club will finish in top 3, at least!

  • Zoki

    Happy new year, let’s hope we can achieve something in 2017. FORZA INTER!

  • ezekiel

    happy new year guys.. God bless you all.. and i hope this january our chasing game will be successful.. ^^

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  • nerazzuritilldie
  • Messiah

    Happy new year, guys! Let’s hope this is Inter’s year.