Player Ratings for Udinese 1 – 2 Inter

January 8, 2017 15:31
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Not the most convincing win but a win nonetheless to start off our 2017. Inter struggled at the start and were lucky not to go into HT at least a couple of goals behind. But then we raised our game to claim important 3 points.


Handanovic – 6.5: Poor start, but then made some brilliant saves off shots and deflections in the first half. Had virtually nothing to do till 91′ in the 2nd.

D’Ambrosio – 5.5: Out of position in the 1st half all the time because he ventured ahead, stayed back in the 2nd and you could see the imbalance was gone.

Murillo – 6: Shockingly slow and lethargic in the first half, but then had a fantastic 2nd half like his team-mates. Raised his game a massive amount.

Miranda – 6: Battled all afternoon :with Zapata. Never say die attitude and calm even when his defensive colleagues were in mental and tactical chaos.

Ansaldi – 5.5: Had a decent start defensively but then slowly got worse and then poor. Struggled against De Paul and never linked up going forward.

Kondogbia – 6.5: Continued his good form and was good when he kept things simple. Made a few mistakes but that can be attributed to a little rustiness.

Brozovic – 6 Not the usual Brozo we have seen after his resurgence this season. He tried transitioning the game, but was closed down well by Udinese.

Candreva – 5: He couldn’t do anything right today. I don’t remember him beating a player or getting a dangerous cross in or helping out defensively.

Banega – 5: His touch eluded him all day. He tried to come deep, tried to link up with Icardi. Missed a sitter at the start of the 2nd and lost confidence.

Perisic – 7: Mercurial. Poor first half, but when given a chance he converts professionally. Has this great knack of scoring goals towards the end of halves!

Icardi – 6: Leader, hard worker. Creating a goal out of nothing pass in the injury time in the first half started the come back. Complete box player!

Joao Mario – 6.5: Immediately made an impact when he came on. Udinese couldn’t cope with him and wingers started linking with him. Should have scored!

Eder – SV : Ran for the 10 minutes he was on. His pace created problems for the tired Udine defence. Won the free kick for that 2nd goal by Perisic

Andreolli – SV: Came on to clear some high balls into the box that were being played into a box. 2 touches of the ball only in what was a time wasting sub.

Stefano Pioli  – 7: Five game winning streak, 1 goal conceded in the last 4 league games. Both subs combined to get that crucial winning goal. Great day for Stefano

Daniele Doveri  – 5.5: Doveri was strictly average today, gave away some very soft free kicks to both sides that werent fouls. Disagree with all the yellow cards too.

Inter 6.5 Lots to improve on, could’ve easily been 3-0 down at HT. Instead a moment of luck and then a brilliant comeback to keep the streak going!

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • Søren

    Mario all the way for me (okay, along with Perisic, who was great and made important runs and goals). Mario was the one, who changed the game and gave us a calm approach while connecting mid and attack better. Had he only scored on his chance he would have been given a 7.5 😉

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    i think we need a RB more than a LB, dumbrosio is just awful

    • interista13

      If we get Rodriguez, Ansaldi can move to RB, where I think he is more comfortable. Having the cover of Candreva on the right can let him venture froward a bit more, and make more use of his talents.

  • frigo

    I want to give my two cents here for the game. And i want to do it now after win, because many people will say that I’m hating!

    First of all, Pioli is a good coach, no doubt about, but I’m sick of coaches, who doesn’t have balls to take risks, when it’s need it. What i mean, everybody knows that we can’t afford to lose even single point, if want to keep chances for Champions League still alive! But despite that he waited till 82th minute to put in Eder and if we’re honest will see that we was lucky to score in the last minutes!

    Second, i just can’t understand how Candreva continues to play as a starter, no matter how shit he is and he wasn’t even sub out? What the hell supposed to happen, to sit Candreva on the bench?

    We continue to completely miss good play on set pieces, our opponents always creating danger situations and we’re absolutely clueless most of the time, when we have to take one! That’s unacceptable for team, who aiming at least to top three!

    Wins always masked all the flaws and problems we have, like last season until Christmas! But it’s obvious, that we still lacks quality players on some positions to be balanced and competitive team for the whole championship!

    We desperately need quality center back to create competition for Miranda and Murillo, our fullbacks are mediocre at best, it’s a must good midfielder to protect the defense and to start our attacks with good passes (i hope that Gagliardini could be that guy), we need good trequartista (because Joao Mario doesn’t have the qualities for that, he’s very good, but as a box to box midfielder and Banega still isn’t convincing) and finally we need good Icardi back up!

    • Søren

      To be fair, Pioli put on J. Mario after 56 min. which was a game-changer. He properly didn’t dare to change a winning team after the Lazio game – which speaks for you in regards to your no balls comment, but also makes perfectly sense.
      About Candreva, I totally agree! I wanted him out after 30 min. He showed nothing and his moves, crosses etc. were so bad! I wanted Gabigols’s bravery, bit then again, how would that affect the balance of the team? Candreva is better strategic and can aid defensively, while Gabigol is unknown to that point? Other options: Eder, perhaps… BiaBia? No, not really…

  • fudo83

    we as a team deserve a bit less, we were able to win only because udinese wasted so much. perisic deserves half a point more because his goals were decisive.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Kondo did great, and Icardi did too.

  • postal

    Our FB’s were so outclassed today. And outplayed. Good thing Perisic is always able to explode.

    • harendro

      and they still keep naga…santon…
      we need better FBs since a while, for me d’ambro and ansaldi only good as back-up players…

  • Lajoya

    D’ambro didn’t even try to stop Jankto.

    • nozanneti

      why is he considered to be better than santon or naga ?!?
      he is an idiot, he must leave inter !!!

      • Lajoya

        dunno, probably because of his looks, it attracts ladies.

        • nozanneti

          might be, because there are not any football reasons.

  • demmy putra

    let’s not complain.

    Stefano Pioli – 7: Five game winning streak, 1 goal conceded in the last 4 league games. Both subs combined to get that crucial winning goal. Great day for Stefano

  • Davie

    6.5 for Kondogbia is a joke..He has improved slightly but often slow passes and slow working back home. And Icardi is not a leader! He was invinsable until his assist.

  • ezekiel

    k-dog even rated higher than icardi!? are your serious mate!? LOL

  • Inter1998

    Miranda and Murillo should get 6.5.
    K-dog 6.5???
    Perisic 7.5
    Icardi and Mario 7
    Candreva and D’Ambrosio 5.5
    And the rest 6.

  • Azzkikr

    lol@kondogbias rating. Should have been a 5.5 at most, same with Brozovic.

    Also Dumbo should be lower, what an absolute turd of a player this guy is.

    Also Piolo should in no way be a 7, his initial tactical setup for the first half failed completely and the team could easily have been behind by several goals at halftime.

  • Forza inter

    tf? 6.5 for kdog…

  • Станислав Миленов Манов

    Did we watch the same mach? Sorry, questionable rating for me.

  • Okan Sunu

    well done perisic… i always believe in you,

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  • nozanneti

    the man of the match ___ PERIŠIĆ !!