SM: Inter to meet with Kondogbia’s agent, Luiz Gustavo could arrive in case of departure

January 9, 2017 14:35
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Inter officials will meet with Geoffrey Kondogbia‘s agent to discuss his future at the Nerazzurri Sport Mediaset report. Furthermore, they report should one of Kondogbia or Banega go to China where they are liked, Inter will reinvest any money into Luiz Gustavo who’ll cost around 15 million.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • JAY

    longer muscles then

  • Binto Baggio

    Kdog still can improve under pioli, lets focus on selling the dead wood and buy proven young players in the FB position, no need to buy any MF players or selling our valuable promising players

    • INTERisLife

      Your right he doing better should give him to the summer atleast and sell rano yuto and saton n inveSt in defence

  • casperv

    Just sell them both to China and get Gustavo and Rodrigues – we won’t miss either of them!

    • JAY

      banega is the closest player to snejder that we had, you want us to become toothless again?

      • casperv

        We are toothless with him on the pitch, he slowed us down, and the players keep looking for him because they know he has brilliant skills, but when he reseves the ball he quite often takes 4-5 touches on it before passing it on…
        I really don’t think he fits into Italian football whereas Mario is so much better in his position, and only 23 years old has the ability to become world class, plus he actually tracks back and help out in defense, something Baneg NEVER does!

        • JAY

          he can pass, its sad but he is the only one in the team that can pass, his dribbling skills are very effective and a joy to watch for us fans, he is a CAM so no need to track back, u cant compare him with j.mario, they are totally different, j Mario is a horse , banega is a fox

          • casperv

            Hehe – well put my friend! Still, to me Banega is more like a turtle! 😉

          • JAY

            no he is not that slow, still faster than kdog and kdog is African and have long ass legs, banega is very similar to snejder with better dribbling since he is argentine , moves the ball very well

          • casperv

            Haqhah Shit…. ” Kondogbia is African with long legs” that´s kind of racist isn’t it?? 😉
            but I´d sell both and get in rodrigues and Gustavo!

          • JAY

            why racist ? Africans have an extra muscle in their legs , the fifth muscle, and his legs are long like viera

          • casperv

            Shit man you crack me up!!!
            No, man they do not(!) have an extra muscle in their legs but they may be a bit taller than the may European (not us from the north though) and therefore have longer mucles, but they do NOT have an extra one!
            Besides; Kondogbia is born in the northern part of France and is French!

          • JAY

            they do have an extra musclein the back of their leg and he always goes back to his country central Africa, yes he was born in France, but it doesn’t mean shit, he is from central Africa to me which is a country in the center of Africa that produces no footballer lol, he is like the only one from that country, you gota know in France national team the players aren’t really French only a few are

  • kuda

    I think the process when mancini coached him and tried to turn him into pogba is kinda confusing him and disrupting his development and mind until today. He was a really good dmf in seville and monaco. His physical presence is just monstrous on the field. But right now, he’s like dont know what to do when he has the ball. Mancini once told him to be more offensive like pogba, and now people told him to play sinple. And he failed in playing simple, even though his tackle is still quite good. But we need security in front of defence, and kondogbia just fail to deliver.

    Personally I still believe he has everything to be a good player, except his mind. He needs to motivate himself, and train his vision. I still wanna watch him grow with us, but if the right offer come, I can sacrifice him for the greater good (regista and fullback).

  • tarttata tarattata

    i still believe in him”:P

  • Boudou

    Any offer from China, we must double the price. 50 millions for Kondo and we would be fine. We could get Rodriguez and a top DM with that kind of money

  • Alphonse

    He is supposed to play as DM, he can’t play in Inter as CM, because simply Brozo, Mario and Banega are better here. And, from defensive midfielder you expect other things than Zidane’s roulettes in own penalty area… Kondogbia is trying to be a Pogba, but he isn’t Pogba. I think, Gagliardini, Luiz Gustavo, and even Leiva will be better than him, and also cheaper.

    • deji

      even worse, He’s trying to be pogba as a DM which Pogba is not. He’s a good CM and with a good CDM Behind him he’d show his value. Gotta a least get our money back for him

      • Azzkikr

        Will never get our money back considering we overpaid for him + he hasnt developed at all.

        Will be lucky to get 2/3 of the fee we paid for him, but probably closer to 1/2.

        • deji

          Selling to china we might, or if he had pioli for a few more months we can in the summer. Everybody overpays for talent

          • Playmaker

            maybe PSG or the other rich french club want him, or Wenger he always love french player.

    • Playmaker

      he is not strong enough to be DMF and the way he playing is like FDB said not-trying-to-play-simple-passes. he more suited to be AMF, because he love to dribling through oponent defender and make thru pass like pogba. but he is done for me, no more potential to offer in this club. he was play with 3 different coach at Inter and growing nothing.