GdS: Gagliardini will have #5 or #94 as his number on the jersey

January 11, 2017 10:27
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When transferring from Atalanta to Inter, Roberto Gagliardini doesn’t have to change the colours of his jersey, but he has to change the number. Since the number 4 jersey is retired in honor of former Captain and Inter legend Javier Zanetti, there are two other options. Number 5 (previous number of Felipe Melo, now in Palmeiras) or 94 (the year he was born), a number most likely to become available since Yao is on his way out. This according to Gazzetta dello Sport.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Fahm

    94 would be good, next season will change, and current 94 shirts price will be increasing

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    If I were in charge:
    5 for Mario, 8 for Gaglia, 10 for Verratti.

  • demmy putra

    look at it this way, if he is that good and important, atalanta wont mind losing him on loan in mid season while they are doing really really well

    • Lajoya


  • kuda

    Just no 10. It reserved for verratti 🙂

    • 1nteristi

      I thought that no. 10 is.for gabi..gaglia is no. 5 and verratt is palacios no. 8 😉

    • Wruce Bayne

      No, it’s for messi

  • Azzkikr

    I have absolutely no expectations for this guy whatsoever.

    I think its an absurd deal for a player with less than 1000 minutes of serie a experience.

    • casperv

      Ausillio has been following him ever since he played in Serie b last season and this year he has been doing very well and has also been called up to the national team. Of cause he´s not a player who will come in a change a lot and make us make the next leap, but he´s one for the future.
      Maybe, just maybe, he´s meant to take Broso’s place if he´s sold next summer otherwise we need depth in the squad and Broso and Mario need breaks too!

      • interista13

        Just wanted to correct you on something because I notice you make the same mistake a lot, and I understand English might not be your first language. The proper wording is “Of course” not “Of cause”. Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but I noticed it more than a few times and figured you might appreciate the correction.

        • casperv

          Ok thanks a lot my friend – always nice to learn something new!

    • eermat

      The good news is that if he can’t make an impact we don’t have to buy him. But lets hope he turns out to be a great player.

  • Inter DiHati

    I’m sorry for being too negative on this, but being Inter fans for more than 20 years, i have traumatic feeling that this boy will turn into nothing, just like any other Inter’s transfer involving youngsters… God, hopefully you prove me wrong for at least once~

    • Asyrof Syarif

      God Will Grant your Oh our wishes on inter

  • eermat

    Just go for the 5. jersey! I don’t like the big number jerseys at all, I mean I get that young players use them when they are introduced to the first team.
    They also tend to use them mostly in Serie A, don’t see them much in other leagues.

    Also I don’t understand why we gave number 11 to Biabiany, that kind of numbers are usually used by the top players, not the rotation players.

    • Matthaus10

      Agree, don’t like high numbers. Think he should hold out for number 8 though… 10 is Also available 😉

      • eermat

        I think we should keep 10 to someone who plays higher on the pitch. 5 should be fine for him as he is box to box/holding player.

        Maybe the 10 jersey for Berardi next summer 🙂

        • Amin Sadrnejad

          10 for Verratti. Berardi is overrated as shit

          • Wruce Bayne

            screw you all, number 10 is for Messi

          • Amin Sadrnejad

            I hate that guy.

          • Wruce Bayne

            i kinda hate that guy but he’s good and everybody knows him

          • Amin Sadrnejad

            I hate both him and Ronaldo. Both of those are paper toys suitable for playboy.

          • Wruce Bayne

            if inter get him, imagine about the market man it would be sky rocketing market

          • Amin Sadrnejad

            Still hate him

    • 1nteristi

      Who is our current no.2 and no. 6 guys?

      • eermat

        I think J.Marios number 6 fits him well. 8. would also work with him. And 2. is usually held by defender mostly at FB position I think. Maybe R.Rodriguez might want that jersey.

        • interista13

          Rodriguez should take 13 once Ranocchia leaves. He’s worn it before and I’m tired of Ranocchia disrespecting the jersey numbers, 23 of Materazzi and 13 of Maicon, of my favorite Inter players!

      • Jakes

        It took 10 sec to find it on Inters homepage.

        Andreolli has no. 2 and J. Mario has no. 6.