Maradona: “Icardi should be seventh choice for Argentina not the fourth”

January 11, 2017 15:28
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Diego Maradona praised Mauro Icardi‘s lack of involvement with the Argentine national team on Direct tv Sports “Rather than call him, I’d call Eduardo Bazan Vera [a 44-year-old retired player]. I’d prefer Icardi to stay away from the national team, he should be the seventh choice, not the fourth. Maybe there have been calls to Bauza from the agent, but I won’t talk about it anymore.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • inter_island

    This guy is just a weight keeping down Argentina National Team… Everything he touches now turns to shit. Messi didn’t score a single goal at 2010 WC when he was coach. On top of that Germany fucked them 4-0.
    I’m sorry Argentina but with this guy around you always have a weight on your shoulder.. A heavy weight.

  • igo

    couldn’t agree more…but, so basically it’s all about wanda…WOW…LOL

  • Ricardo Díaz Bernal

    From the imbecile that didn´t call zanetti or cambiasso for the 2010 world cup…

    • inter_island

      And screwed over Il Pincipe Milito … He hates Inter since from Serie a.

  • ezio

    Wtf is wrong with marrying friend’s ex?? It seems like whole argentine nt related person were acting like they are saints.. icardi should bring it to fifa and find his way to represent italy instead

  • Azzkikr

    lol cocadona is a proper troll tbh 😀

  • InterAmore

    WTF is wrong with this guy, he is a god for a lot of people and a idol for lots of young players, specially from argentina like Icardi, I lost my respect for him reading this article

  • Binto Baggio

    Maradona you better join your compatriot fidel castro in the hell

  • Mohamed

    Ok icardi may not be infront of players the likes of messi or aguero, but definitely not 7th choice lol.

    Maradona is more like trump, they both speak before they think and try to make sense out of it.

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      He is much better than Aguero.

      • Mohamed

        I respect your opinion, but I can’t be bias (as an interista), so I have to disagree. Aguero is more developed, experienced and complete forward. Icardi is having a good run but he still hasn’t reached the level of aguero in my opinion.

        • JAY

          only thing aguero has on icardi is pace and dribbling, icardi is head and shoulder above in any other aspect of the game including
          he is much taller
          reaction and shooting is about the same
          icardi can beat the offside trap like no others
          icardi can pop outa nowhere and punish you
          icardi has much more strength
          icardi also has much more balance
          aguero was a sub for higuain in the copa America all the way

          • Mohamed

            I agree with what your saying completely, but I mentioned other factors as experienced and developed. it’s not just skills that you have but how you use it to help the team.

            A Modern striker also sacrifices his scoring opportunities for the team by pulling the defenders towards him (act as a traqueista for brief moment) in order to make those intelligent passes to a player with more pace near you to push the play forward much faster. What I’m talking about is not something that just happens it takes time and more experience, Icardi is getting there but he has not yet reached that level as of now. So that’s why for now I think aguero is better.

          • JAY

            Aguero can suck very bad for like 10 games

        • ezio

          they are different type of player.. if u love flair ofcourse aguero is better, but as jay stated below icardi got the upper hand on aguero if u consider the other aspect

          • Aaron

            I honestly think Aguero has the edge ..but what Icardi has on his side is time.Also aguero is a proven flop for Argentina…just as all there other st options.I can’t see how Icardi can be any worse.

          • Mohamed

            I agree, even messi had his flops with Argentina.

  • Lajoya

    Shoulda choose Italy. I think his door to represent Arg is closed. Even with a new coach there will be excuses (case in point: Alario and Pratto fuxking ex-Genoa and new names if new coach appointed). I hope Argentina will never win anything for next 50 years.

  • postal

    Yeah, yeah. Fuck you too, you senile old drug addict.

  • FB

    Just a sad bitter old man..

  • itzmario

    icardi sucks

    • Lajoya

      sucks your mum’s vag.

    • Binto Baggio

      Hello is that you again amateur… bilan fans, go suck your daddy dick

      • syahrul sembarang

        Who is he?

        • Binto Baggio

          Bilan fans who write an article here yesterday, but his article is shit, I dont know why Nima allowed him to write such a rubbish article, and now he said icardi sucks, what an asshole

        • itzmario

          im a professional analyst for espn and sky sports

          • syahrul sembarang

            Woow what a nice cv,
            hello man 🙂

  • Wruce Bayne

    damn it icardi you shouldnt play for argentina

  • ezekiel

    wow.. i wonder why he hate icardi so much.. LOL

  • Chris

    What’s wrong with this guy? Icardi is better then Prato and correa combined.

  • Chris

    This guy should put Down the pipe and lay of the burgers