OFFICIAL: Gagliardini joins Inter

January 11, 2017 17:03
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In the past minutes, Inter officially announced the capture of Roberto Gagliardini from Atalanta on loan until June 2018 with an option of redemption.

Speaking on the move he said: “I’m happy to be at Inter, it’s a dream come true. I look forward to working with Pioli, to meet my teammates and of course to wear this shirt at the San Siro in front of the fans. I hope to make my contribution to the team to achieve the ambitious goals that the club have.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • VieriTottiDelpiero

    Very happy to see Inter investing in Azzurri youth! I think we are far more balanced now with 4-2-3-1 and 3-4-1-2 and 3-4-3 formations:

    Inter (4-2-3-1):
    ————————- Icardi—————————
    Perisic ————– Banega ———— Candreva
    ——– Gagliardini ———– Kondogbia ———
    Ansaldi —— Miranda — Murillo —— D’Ambrosio

    Inter (3-4-1-2):

    ————- Icardi ——– Eder ————–
    ——————– Banega ———————
    J.Mario — Gagliardini – Kondogbia — Brozovic
    —– Murillo ——- Medel ——– Miranda ——

    Inter (3-4-3):

    Perisic ———– Icardi ———— Candreva
    J.Mario — Gagliardini – Kondogbia — Brozovic
    —– Murillo ——- Miranda ——– D’Ambrosio

  • kuda

    Hopefully he will be like icardi. He only got couple of serie a experience, yet we take him before his price skyrocketing. Hopefully, 25m in 18/19 season will actually less than his price at that time.
    I really like watching him using number”4″ at atlanta though. Reminds me of “el tractor”

  • postal

    Time to shine, boyo. Bring your A game up and show us what you got. I hope he gets picked as a starter vs Chievo. Especially since Brozo will be missing.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    The beast is coming

  • MrMuhsinin

    Hope he well be our new thiago motta

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  • JAY

    atalanta became like AS Monaco, they are selling all their player 25m + , this is what playing good football gets for the clubs , we have been playing bad forever and that’s why no one wants to pay shit for our players and be almost went bankrupt like parma

  • InterAmore

    Unfortunately its not an option, its an obligation..

  • James

    welcome gags!!

  • nerazzuritilldie

    Welcome to FC Internazionale Milano,I hope black and blue will be your second skin. Forza Inter!!!

  • casperv

    We get him on a 1 1/2 year loan deal- that’s like insane work done by Ausilio!! And welcome to the club Gaglia!

    • InterAmore

      Yes but the loan cost is insane, thats why atalanta is willing to let him go, but overall its a great deal for everyone involved

      • casperv


      • JB


  • Zoki

    Let’s hope he can deliver on the hype, definitely a risky move.

    • ezio

      What risk dude? Its a loan until june 2018 with an OPTION to redemption

      • Andika Pradana
      • Boudou

        Cant be an option. Why would they agree to that.

      • Zoki

        Mate it’s MANDATORY, read the official article not some news paper:


        • JAY

          what requirement needs to be met for it to become mandatory? I don’t find it anywhere , how many games he has to play?

          • Poida

            Once the loan deal expires at the end of the following season, we are required to purchase him. No amount of games played.

          • JAY


          • Zoki

            No game requirements. No matter what, we have to buy him after the loan ends.

          • JAY

            thne I say a fantastic deal for atalanta, how much they paid for him? like 2m max

        • ezio

          Yap my bad dude.. i only read sempreinter.. need more reference i think

      • Abecool

        Option here to respect FFP, means Atalanta have inter moral promise to buy gagliardini at the end of season

  • harendro

    Good luck