Sportmediaset: Inter eye Atalanta’s Andrea Petagna

January 11, 2017 22:24
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Atalanta‘s Andrea Petagna is in the sights of many teams, including foreign clubs, such as AS Monaco who have been following the 21 year old. Atalanta labeled the Italian as “Unsellable” because he has an important role with the club and at the moment the Bergamo club want to built around him. Giuseppe Riso, the attacker’s agent claimed in an exclusive interview with Sportmediaset, that there seems to be interests orbiting from Inter in recent weeks.

Source: Sportmediaset 

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • frigo

    Petagna is Milan youngster and in my opinion it’s nothing special!

  • casperv

    Wouldn’t it be a cheaper solution for Suning simply to buy Atalanta and make them our team number two in Italy!? Our primary feeder team hat is?

  • ezio

    Petagna for what?? We got best striker in the world, highly rated brazilian talent, biggest italian talent.. for what??

    • grilliant

      For the glory of satan of course

  • JAY

    teams are interested in all of atalantas player, the only one good in my opinion is kessie

    • boln

      We have too many box to box midfielders. We need to sell if we want to get kessie

      • JAY

        but he is sick , and hopefully you didn’t count kdog as box to box, because he is stock in one box the whole game

        • boln

          Nah kdog just a box in the field. That monaco vs arsenal game fooled us

          • JAY

            he cost Monaco the goal at the last minute 100% his fault and his goal was a big reflection

          • boln

            He is just dribbling beast merchant with low football iq, he will suit in physical league like epl imo

          • JAY

            nah he will flop there as well he cants pass long balls and is too slow

  • La Selecta

    Give them Palacio, Biabiany, Rano and Naga in exchange for him! lol

    • CHRiS

      Sounds like a good deal to me..lmao. And loan him back to them so he can continue to grow

      • La Selecta

        bro i think we should take over the transfer market for inter!

        • Idatkline

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    • grilliant

      plus 5M because they’re all worthless

      • Inter DiHati

        Make it 10M to make it faster!