Sky- D’Ambrosio to stay at Inter

January 12, 2017 02:12
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“Danilo feels good in Milan. Above all, this season he has been given the confidence he deserves. He wants to stay. For Inter he is not for sale. We are haapy, we will see what will happen in the future”. This is what Danilo D’Ambrosio agent told sky about his client.

Source: Sky

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • inter_island

    His wife is a Fashionista… No way she’s allowing him to leave Milan.. Lol

  • Fallen.EvilMayDie64

    That’s good news as long as he’ll sit on the bench next season.

  • FB

    If it has to be, so be it … but I sincerely hope we will enforce our defense with other signings, so DD is not going to be in the main starting line-up.

  • igo

    he is no better. last game was usual as he was when playing a game…so many strikes come from his side

  • Dimitris_Inter

    I am not the fan of Danilo, and i believe he is not Inter material, but what i saw is…when he play in 3 man defence he is good ( full back he is shit).So if Pioli going to use 3 man often, until Inter buy top class full backs he can remain to cover this possition as a starter or as a back up for Medel or Murillo.

  • ezekiel

    i think he will be good to sit on the bench next season.. good news is he’s not complaining about it.. after all we need someone to sit on the bench..^^

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