Sportitalia- Nagatomo could join the EPL

January 12, 2017 01:29
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Burnley are interested in bringing Yuto Nagatomo to the Premier League. According to Sportitalia, Inter and the EPL side are in contact to decide the future of the Japanese.  Nagatomo’s price is around 7-8 million Euro. The Nerazzurri will not hold the player and the price is affordable for Burnley.

Source: Sportitalia

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • inter_island

    I don’t hate Samu-Naga but …. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN !!!

  • casperv

    if we get 7 mil for Naga (whom I don’t hate or anything – he has always presented himself as a “nice boy” and never complained about anything – we simply HAVE to give Ausilio a new contract!

  • harendro

    Omg 7M, we are lucky…

  • kuda

    Inter without nagatomo is like a dream that i cant even imagine. Every transfer rumours about his departure i was like meh impossible.

  • boln

    Nah, he will say no to burnley, and remain in inter as long as he can

  • ezio

    We shouldnt sell him.. strip captaincy from that brat and give it to the real warrior blue samurai

    • boln

      Forza Lord Nagatomo!!!!

    • ezekiel

      LMAO..XD hail to the lord!!!

  • Dani Milekić

    No need for transfer fee. Send us over a couple of footballs and training gear and it will be enough for him.

    • CHRiS

      lmao burn

      • Idatkline

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