Almeyda to Il Messaggero: “Simeone wants to come back, would be the perfect coach”

January 31, 2017 17:36
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diego simeone

Just hours before the TIM Cup quarter-final between Inter and Lazio, Matias Almeyda spoke to Il Messaggero at San Siro: “I continue to follow Italian football and I have the greatest respect for both teams. I think that my time in Lazio was were I was at my best, I really felt at home there. They have a good project going on at the moment with Simone Inzaghi and I was happy to hear that they chose him as the new coach. He was always a good team mate and a real professional. I like his first half of the season, you can see that Lazio is on the right path. ”

After that, the Argentinian midfielder spoke about the chance of seeing Diego Simeone on Inter’s bench: “Diego has proven for some time now that he is amongst the top coaches. At Atletic Madrid he has always done well, but I’m sure of that he wants to return to Inter. He hasn’t said anything to me, it’s just a thing you notice. He has been a while now at Atletic and surely wants to try a new challenge and he would be the perfect coach for Inter.”

Source: Il Messaggero

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Alex

    Let’s wait and see how Pioli handles the “big” games. Some coaches do great against big teams like Mancio, and some against smaller teams like Benitez. We want a coach that does both well. If we have that in Pioli, then I guess Diego can wait ..

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Thanks but NO thanks.

    We have Pioli the master.

  • farewell

    but pioli is doing very well at the moment, so…..

    • ahmad albadoo

      im fucking against him joining currently, we have the best coach in the world, pioli

      • La Selecta

        Pioli is proving to be a good influence on the players and seems to have gotten the best out of the aquad, but let’s just wait and see how we play against Juve, Milan, Napoli, Milan and see how we do in the Coppa before we start calling him the best in the world. He for sure is the best we have had in a while and i am very impressed.

        • Kellyrpayne

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        • Spas Georgiev

          True! Pioli has the reputation of beating the small teams and struggling against the big teams. Could be because his previous teams lacked quality. Inter really needed that winning streak against the lower-table teams and it brought much needed stability and confidence.

          That said, the real test come now when we have to face the teams who compete for the top 5. They will put our FBs under pressure because everyone knows that’s Inter’s achilles heel. I just hope our attack and midfield can make up for it and Pioli proves his tactical genius.

          • La Selecta

            fuck i really wish we would have been able to do something about our FB problem. the rest of the team has been playing pretty solid, and to be fair so has D’ambro but man how long will that last and Ansaldi has been playing like my 4 year old. clueless. lol

    • Arvell Skynative

      Also, we need STABILITY direly.
      If I can choose I would rather give Pioli the next year too to build more strong foundation and harmony on the team. No Serie A title / Coppa title doesn’t matter as long as we finish top three in Serie A and went through LC’s Round of 16/8. We’ll just doing fine and receive some adequate money. And then maybe Simeone can come by mid 2018 and we’ll start talking about titles. I pray for the management to not rush anything.

      • farewell

        i agree with you, but personally i want pioli stay with us until 2020, we don’t want another year zero come so quick, new coach, new environment, new strategy, new philosophy it will take some time until the team fully adapt