Pinamonti being eyed by big clubs

January 31, 2017 16:44
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Andrea Pinamonti is a name beginning to heat up and create excitement throughout Europe.

Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp are reportedly monitoring the young Italian very carefully. It is reported that Liverpool actually made an offer that was shut down almost immediately by Inter and now other clubs have sniffed out the young bomber.

It is expected that Pinamonti will be with Inter for the long haul. Inter has no intentions to move their young players, especially to Liverpool, after what happened with Coutinho.


By Giovanni Trombetta
  • deji

    cant lose this kid. He is gonna be really good. And it must be with us, we already have a vice Icardi in this kid.

  • Alex

    I was very impressed with him with the only game I watched from him in EL. He seemed to send a different vibe from his predecessors like Manaj, Livaja, and Longo. I think he will not be a bust like those guys. Wanna see more of him and less of GranpaLacio…

  • eermat

    Everyone can just back the fuck off! He is gonna sign with us, become a starter at some point and score +200 goals for us.

    Yeah, that sounds pretty good!