#PODCAST – #StudioInter Episode 72: “Did Rizzoli Cost Inter The Match vs Juventus?”

February 10, 2017 12:01
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This is Studio Inter, the ONLY podcast in English dedicated ENTIRELY to FC Internazionale Milano – where it’s 100% Inter, 100% of the time, ONLY on SempreInter.com.

In this weeks jampacked episode of Studio Inter Nima, Max and Mohamed are joined by BeInSportsUSA & FourFourTwo contributor Adam Digby to discuss the Derby d’Italia. The boys get into a heated debate regarding Rizzoli’s awful officiating, as Adam argues that Rizzoli isn’t the reason why Inter lost, whilst Max questions the lack of consistency from the Serie A’s referee’s. Reformed pessimist Mohamed is positive despite the loss, as Nima is surprised that Inter’s Chilean pitbull didn’t bite Chiellini’s nose off.

Australian football expert Paddy Higgs of OneFootball.com also joins the boys to answer questions on Inter’s surprising deadline day signing Trent Sainsbury. Who is he? What are his strenghts? Have Inter replaced Ranocchia with a cheaper Ranocchia?

The boys preview the home fixture against Empoli as well as briefly discuss Inter’s Coppa Italia quarterfinal exit vs Lazio. All of this as well as the Frog, Moggi & Moratti of the week plus much much more, only on StudioInter!

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So sit back, relax and join the boys as they delve deep into the black & blue world of the Nerazzurri.

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Host: Nima Tavallaey.
Panelists: Max De Luca & Mohamed Nassar.
Guests: Adam Digby.
Edited by: Antonio D’Angelo.
Illustration/design: Tin Milekic.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Alex

    Good job on the podcasts. They are really becoming something that I look forward to every week. I hope you just keep it up with the continuity. And like the other fans I’m not happy with the way you like that Rubentino get away with his BS reasonings in this episode…

    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your feedback, and happy to hear that youre enjoying the podcasts. =)
      Continuity is key and we aim to maintain continuity.
      I just have a question regarding what you mean with allowing Adam to get away with his reasoning? Can you please be as specific as possible?

      • Alex

        I appreciate your hard work Nima. Adam totally made it look like the fact that Inter are whiners, and deserved the loss. We were not bad because we were whiners, we were bad because of a bad squad with a chain of bad or inexperienced managers.
        I believe that our opportunities in the match were as good as Juventus (he didn’t mentioned Jao Mario’s chance, and none of you guys bothered to remind him). Additionally, he insulted our captain, and questioned his performance. Icardi had a better performance than Higuain in this game for sure, made more effort for pressing, and more effective passes.
        There is no evidence supporting that Icardi aimed to hit Rizzolli, but you guys kind of gave that to him as well. I remember reading an article on football-italia before FIGC handed the ban, and they predicted that Icardi will be handed in a fine at most. But we saw what happened at the end.

        I understand that you guys wanted to be civic and not ganging up on him, but I also get why it made the blood of some of our fellow Interisti to boil.

        Again thank you for the good content that you are providing on this platform, and I hope to get this Podcast no matter if we win or lose.

        • Hi Alex,
          Thanks for this.
          I dont think Adam made us look like whiners and where he did we retorted.
          However, I respect your opinion completely and take all of it on board for the future.

  • Kirby Michael

    Sorry, I cant listen to this cunt. I listen to all your podcast, but having this idiot on the panel is just unacceptable.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      This is not the first time we have had Adam on, We had him on after the first match against Juve, earlier in the season under De Boer where we won 2-1.
      So we figured it’s only fair to bring him on now that Juve won. As you’re a long time listener we value your opinion, as we do with all feedback. However, since you haven’t listened to this episode it’s pretty hard to take your criticism on board. I’ll happily take on any criticism you have to give, via email: nima.tavallaey@hotmail.com.
      But in order for it to be constructive, you’d have to listen to the episode in order to give me specific critique.

  • Peter

    Gary Medel practically caught the ball in the inter box with his arms and you ask ‘did the ref cost inter’……It was a relatively close game but Juventus edged the game fairly. I really dont see the issue with the free kick Chiellini was leaving to Buffon and even if that was a mistake, it was less of a ref error than missing Medel’s handball, so fair result. Inter would progress much faster as a club if they stopped looking for external excuses when they get beat!

    • Mike

      RuBe would progress more in Europe if they stopped rellying on help from the referees and busy justifying ref favors if they do got them and whine when they don’t. Let’s call a spade as a spade: the ref gave RuBe more favors during that match than what he gave to Inter.

    • Omar

      Can’t really watch the whole game again to check where Medel used his hands, can you state when did this happen? Bcz I watched the whole game and there was one occasion where the ball reached a defender’s hand in the box but he had his body behind his both arms, and this is no handball

  • Theflow

    Serie A needs video ref.

  • Feras Gheblawi

    By far the worst eps i ever listen to u bring a juventino dickhead and he rep u apart and keep telling u about how good his mafiose team nd u just nod ur head if u dont know how to debate u shuld’t be in one
    Verey lame
    Our team was brave in the pitch but u were afraid shame on u Nima

    • Daniel

      Man, i couldnt agree more. I havent listened to this episode yet and probably wont anyways.. but this podcast sucks, they dont support the team, they make fun of our players and it’s all joking around. No real analysis.

      • Hi Daniel,
        Since you havent listened to the episode it’s difficult to take your criticism seriously.
        However, I thank you for your feedback, although it’s very hard to take anything from it when you just randomly say that we don’t support the team, make fun of our players etc.
        It’s simply not true. I respect that you interpret it that way but I respectfully disagree.
        I’ll gladly take criticism/feedback from you if you can be a bit more specific. Feel free to email me:

        • Daniel

          Hi Nima,
          Good to see you keep an eye on the comments and you are open to feedback. Regarding what i said, I’m obviously not referring to this episode. I was making reference to previous episodes which have discourage me from listening to your podcast. Thanks for providing your email, will write to you later.

          • Hi Daniel,
            Always open to feedback.
            Looking forward to your email.

      • Feras Gheblawi

        Tnx man but i think the guys do love inter since i talked to them tonight but i suppose evrybody do it on his own way

        P.S some of our players deserve to be made fun of
        Naga Rano Melo….ect

    • Hi Feras,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Instead of writing back and forth like this, I’d like to invite you to come on the next episode of Studio Inter to voice your opinion.
      Let’s discuss and talk about what you didnt like, etc.
      How does it sound?

      • I miss Marco Branca

        can I join the podcast, i’d like to explain why inter deserved to lose to Juve and i need lots of time because there’s are tonnes of reason !

        • Alex

          Nima, please give this loser some air time, we can have a comical episode. All of our long time sempreinter visitor have some experience arguing with this Inter fan in disguise.

          • Feras Gheblawi

            As much as i want to but iam afraid that i am going to kill somebody when i listen to this fuck

      • Feras Gheblawi

        First of all i did’t writ back and forth i wrote about specific things in this eps 2nd i am redy to discuss what bother me 3 i thank u for reply and the invitation Nima

    • If you’re interested to come on drop me an email at Nima.tavallaey@hotmail.com