Bauza: “I won’t call up Icardi for now”

February 17, 2017 15:40
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Edgardo Bauza spoke with TyC Sports on his recent trip to Europe to watch many of his national team and potential call ups, amongst them was Mauro Icardi: “IΒ talked about football with him [Icardi] and with other players. I said what I always say to Mauro, I will not call him for now, but in the future it may happen at any time.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Cdp

    Why everyone’s in argentina affraid of maradona??

  • JAY

    what’s ironic is maradona giving someone advice about what to do in their life lol

  • JAY

    honestly Im not mad at him for doing so, if he invites icardi he will have to deal with a lots of shit, many of it behind the curtain that we don’t even know about

    • zamorano18

      honestly i just dont get it what icardi could have done to maradona or anyone from argentina apart from maxi lopez… ;D and i doubt maxi lopez has the power to take an influence on banning icardi from national team…

      i mean its not important whats the story behind all this bs but it would be really entertaining to hear something about it πŸ˜‰
      becoz i just dont get what he could have done in these short periods when hes actually in argentina coz most of the time hes anyways in italy so i really dont understand the grudge…

      but looking and the past its probably really just the fact that he plays for inter… but complete ban is new. normally bench for inter legends.

      looking forward how they will treat cambiasso, milito or samuel as a coach if they decide to become one^^

      • JAY

        yea I would also love to know the real reason

      • Deji

        maxi is really close to messi. They’re together every summer lol

  • INTERisLife

    Glad to hear international football creates injures to besides Argentina won’t qualify for the world cup

  • nozanneti

    can icardi start paying for italy ???

    • Alex

      No, he was dumb and already have 1 cap for Argentina in the senior level.

      • Octo

        Didn’t stop Diego Costa or DiStefano to be fair

      • nozanneti

        he really was DUMB !!
        and not only that time … πŸ™

  • nozanneti

    we have no problems with it.
    call your mammy instead.

  • Alphonse

    Coward. I bet any other nation would be happy to have Icardi in squad. I hope Argentina won’t win anything till Messi retires from them.. he’s not even the best player for them (I think it’s di Maria) and decides who gets call and who won’t. And they all are afraid of drug addict moron.. sick country.

    • zamorano18

      word man. it would be one of the funniest things happened in football if the the all worlds legend messi will retire without winning anything serious and then first tournament of icardi argentina would win.

      man i would pay for that. to see the faces of maradona and messi if something like this would happen^^ please.

  • Mario Minardi

    It’s okay if Argentina won’t call up Icardi for their national squad.. It’s better for Inter, however, a bit unfortunate for Icardi.. Anw, I really hope that Icardi could be called up for Italy National Team.. I don’t know if it’s still possible or not though..

    • Dublas Flores

      It’s not sadly. Once you choose a country, you can’t change. πŸ™

      • Graeme

        Nah he can still change Messi has been playing for Argentina through the 2006 world cup and the 2010 world world then before the 2014 world cup Spain asked him if he didn’t want to play for them as he already had like Spanish nationality but he refused and said he will wait for the call from Argentina it’s in the new go read it if you don’t believe me

        • Eusebio

          Unfortunately Icardi can’t be called up by Italy, so your story wether it’s true or not doesn’t change his situation… Icardi can prob goto the courts and try to legally be able to switch countries but I don’t think he wants to do that. He wants to play for Argentina.

          If he gets called up I’ll be happy for him and if he doesn’t I’ll be just as happy, so it really doesn’t matter.

          • Graeme

            He won’t ever be called for a national tournament maybe for friendlies or if he’s lucky enough for he’ll be called up for one or two qualifiers as a substitute player they’ll keep using Aguero or Higuin or pratto until they get old and if they want younger players they’ll take dybala or correa or vietto just so they won’t have to pick Icardi it’s sad but true though

  • sleimani

    We don’t want him to be called up… look what happened when you stopped calling up Cuchu and Pupi… and you idiots had Principe on the bench in his prime lol, If Argentina actually had a coach they would have won 4 world cups easily… instead they rely on the one dimensional plan of feed it to the growth hormone mutant!

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I just wonder why these bastards don’t stop talking about Icardi… Ok! Don’t call him up, fuck u, we already know it.

  • Inter DiHati

    Poor time for those being an Argentinian, so close yet so far to their long waited international trophy… thanks to armando cocandona

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  • Lajoya

    Yes please continue suck that genoa reject whom no european clubs want.

  • tarek bensoltane

    coz you got no balls…Maradonas puppet.