CdS: Thohir, Suning and the new stadium: There is still a valid idea

February 17, 2017 09:58
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After DC United’s stadium, now it’s time for Inter and San Siro. This is what Erick Thohir wants, at least according to his social media posts. Corriere dello Sport explains: “The renovation of San Siro, instead of a brand new facility, remains at the center of many projects that the club has in the pipeline. This idea was born even before Suning arrived, and the Chinese immediately saw the upsides of that type of solution. The idea goes far beyond that of a stadium surrounded by shopping malls, now the vision is to have every kind of entertainment and to make a miniature Inter city. There is enough space to move club offices, Inter Channel studios, to create a youth sports center, hotels and theme stores”. The first meeting about a new San Siro took place in September last year with Zhang Jindong and the mayor of Milan, hopefully the next one won’t take too long.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Stefano

    I love the idea.
    I don’t want to move from San Siro.
    I don’t want a fully new stadium,just a refreshened ,modernized and expanded San Siro.
    Which is still known as “La Scala del calcio” around the world
    I want the “inter city”,with “everything Inter” possible in it.
    Love it.

  • INTERisLife

    Milan will never let the San siro go they will say they were there first so what we need to do is move 60’000 seater would b good consider we currently have 54,000(ruff estimate) for home games only draw back is that big games like the derbies we be 26k light

  • JAY

    I prefer a new stadium just for ourself, but still like sansiro and its vibe a lot as well

  • Zoki

    I’m okay with renovating Giuseppe Meazza as long as Milan get the fuck out and we get the full ownership. We are missing so much revenue due to not having ownership of the stadium.

  • Binto Baggio

    It easier to buy messi from barcelona than buying meazza from bilan, they will never sell it to us, their biggest enemy

    • Poida

      The stadium belongs to the city of Milan

    • Stefano

      You never know.
      Money talk.

  • boln

    Gtfo u bbilan. We could build new stadium if u didnt change ur decision to build new stadium

  • inter_island

    Just offer the Milan council 25 million a year for 5 years. 125 million for the Meazza is very fair in my opinion. It would take a lot of additional money and work to do to modernize it and convert the third tier.. Juve spent 120 million on their new toilet bowl stadium.

  • Mez

    Yeah Buy it
    and buy it cheap

  • Naves

    It will be awesome to own Sansiro (Meazza) and modernizing it. That will make it one of the best stadiums in the world, full of history and modern infrastructure. I really hope they remove the fences and bring the seats closer to the ground like that in England.

  • Alex

    Just buy the damn stadium and kick Bilan out… That would be the best Mercato for us since BOBO came…

    • Stefano

      That woudl be ideal
      (Even thou, I remember that to get Bobo we got rid of Simeone…I’m still crying about that)