Di Marzio: Inter-Rodriguez far from completion

February 17, 2017 17:00
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Gianluca Di Marzio brings an update on Inter’s attempts to sign Ricardo Rodriguez. The transfer expert reports the deal is far from completion. Inter are willing to offer the full back 30% less of the salary he receives at Wolfsburg (approximately 4 million euros a year). It remains to be seen whether or not Rodriguez will accept less or if Inter will meet the Swiss defender’s demands. The smoke will only be cleared in any future meetings. Once the salary situation is solved, Inter still need to agree a fee. Inter remain unwilling to pay his 22 million release clause but with the player open to a move things could be made easier due to this.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Wruce Bayne

    fucking bullshit just pay them already

  • Anom Ananta Yudha

    what happen with our chinese money, isnt money an issue anymore???

  • Stefano

    I think Rodriguez prefers us when compared to Chelsea and PSG ,for 2 reasons:
    He wants to be a starting XI,and he would have some problems with that in Paris and London,with Kurzawa and Alonso starting probably ahead of him.
    As a personal choice,not everybody knows that Rodriguez’s girlfriend is Italian ,he loves Milan and the idea to play in San Siro,he goes to Italy vacationing every year and speaks the language.
    Those things do help.

    The only problem remaining. is,of course..the money.
    It is now a matter of a couple of millions more there and one or two more or less millions over there etc.

  • Amala

    More drama means more money.

  • Lajoya

    We should looking for alternatives too, just in case.

  • Azzkikr

    Get it done your tards

  • Alex

    This guy is now playing CB at “VolksWagen”, and we all know how good he is in attacking. He’s like a better version of Dumbo. I hope we get Aurier for RB, he is benched for PSG anyways. He’s VERY good.

    • sleimani

      Aurier is very solid, especially in attack… I dunno if I’m convinced by Rodriguez but heck we bought gabigol…

      Also am I the only one who thought Alex telles just needed more time? Watch him rip Rube in the champions w Porto.

      • Alex

        I always knew Telles was our best LB, but Dumb Mancio had romance for Nagashit.

        • Stefano

          We did not have the 10m to spend then.

          He plays for Porto,yes, (not always a starter) ..but he is still not “that “great.
          Particularly defensevely Telles is pretty close to a 0.
          He is pretty good offensevely,yes,which is a type of left back that fits pretty well with the portoguese league and brazilian style of play.

          But for Inter and Serie A?
          hmmmmm..maybe not so much?

    • interista13

      Aurier is very good, potential to be the best right back in the world, but he has serious off the field issues. First, it was the drama about the video released of him bashing Blanc, his manager at the time. Now, he was recently denied entry into the UK for a CL fixture with Arsenal due to him having a 2 month suspended prison sentence for assaulting a police officer outside a club in Paris.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    “In Ausilio we trust”

  • kuda

    Hmm if we offer less than what he got now, why would he join us? He can get much more from psg. So please dont mess this up inter πŸ™ 22m for a leftback like him is a good price.

    • JAY

      psg don’t want him and he wont start there

      • Boudou

        News in France is they do follow him as a potential replacement for Maxwell. Also arsenal chelsea. They actually barely mention inter

        • JAY


          • Boudou

            Every position is doubled at PSG bro. Except striker but they looking for one too

          • JAY

            but kurzawa needs to play all the time since he is number 1 choice at the national team and Rodriquez will not be happy period

          • Boudou

            Agreed so far it’s just rumors

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