GdS: Gagliardini, now Inter needs him to score

February 17, 2017 10:13
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The last part of the season is coming up and now goals from the midfielders become even more important. Besides Perisic and Candreva, Stefano Piolo now hopes that the others will start to score more frequently. When it comes to Roberto Gagliardini Gazzetta dello Sport has the following to say: “As a professional player he has only scored three times, in Cesena, Spezia and Vicenza. During his Primavera years in Atalanta he managed to score four times in 17 games. At the Pinetina, this is one of the things Gagliardini is focusing on during practice. To find the space in the box, be sharper on his attempts and then to find some luck. Statistically, he’s one of the best in the league. Compared to the median of the players in his role he shoots twice as much, and has four times as many ball touches”. Now is the time, it’s been 16 months since he scored the last time.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Stefano

    The goals will come too.’
    We are not worried about that and he should’nt be either, since scoring is not his main job at all .
    He needs to work harder and harder and the goals will come too,we all understand that.

  • INTERisLife

    Must admit inter mid field will be amazing in 1-2 season with brozo k-dog mario and gagliardini all under 25…….would love aanother young cb to that can’t transition in for Miranda n a young goalie to do the same for batmanovic

  • Lajoya

    Eventhough he doesn’t score, I’m happy with his contribution to the team.

  • Mez

    This kid has a very bright future, the only thing he needs is to avoid severe injury

  • ezekiel

    scoring is not his main role.. we need him to stay solid in midfield.. scoring just a bonus for a player in his position.. so don’t need to give him extra pressure to score.. it’s not his job..

    • boln

      Yeah. But gaglia is world class b2b player bro. If he scores he will be a complete midfielder like gerard used to be

      • Azzkikr

        world class? lol thats a bit early….

        • boln

          Yeah, he showed world class performance from match to match. Even it is small sample, at least he is consistent player.

      • ezekiel

        i know.. just give him more time bro.. ^^

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    He has been so unlucky not to score yet

    • Saudijac_30

      yes, especially in the game vs Empoli

      • boln

        Should have scored 2 goals in that match.

    • Zoki

      Seriously if their goalkeepers played bad and he had a bit better finishing he could’ve had like 4 goals already.