Joao Pedro: “There are too many days left to conclude – We have not given up yet”

February 17, 2017 07:30
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joao pedro

The relegation zone now seems well defined, but Joao Pedro, has not given up on his side. The attacking midfielder of Cagliari gave an interview to La Nuova Sardegna, defining important future matches:

“There are too many days left to conclude. We have not given up yet. Now we have Sampdoria, Crotone, Inter and Fiorentina. All matches are very tough. We have 27 points, best is to not miss anything (points).”

Source: La Nuova Sardegna

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Azzkikr

    Most important INTER NEWS ive read in a while.

    Keep up the good work.

  • ezekiel

    sempreinter become more and more like semprefootball.. LOL

    • INTER!!

      So a player talking about Inter isn’t Inter news?

      • ezekiel

        are you kidding me.. he’s talking about his team.. inter is not even topic.. LOL

        • INTER!!

          Which Inter will play….

          • ezekiel

            so if there are a news about mancini or mourinho, then the article wrote “former inter coach”, is that inter news in your logic!?

          • INTER!!

            Inter are no longer associated with either of them. But a player speaking about the upcoming game against Inter is relevant news you dunce

          • ezekiel

            are you 3 years old!? if so i’m done here.. SMH

          • INTER!!

            Yep, exactly. No legit response so you switch topics and question my intelligence. Typical.

    • INTERisLife

      I agree they still bring news about all our old coachs I feel if the topif isn’t inter or inter players or tactics shouldn’t be hear dude isn’t even a form inter player r a loaned player he just said they have to play inter that’s it n I been tricked in to reading it