MD: “Tension between Messi-Barcelona – Before renewing his contract he wants…”

February 17, 2017 05:30
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The enormous defeat in Paris has thrown Barcelona into turmoil. At the moment and above all, is the future of Messi: The Argentinian’s contract expires in 2018, currently he would not be so convinced to remain in Barca. Obviously, if decide to go away from Spain, Inter‘s Suning would attempt to purchase the 29 year old. According to Mundo Deportivo, in fact, the management of Barcelona could decide to bring forward the completion of the deal and announce the renewal of Messi in early March, also to calm the discontent of the fans. Unless the same Messi does not want Luis Enrique as manager, the Spaniard could also take a year out and leave the Camp Nou. The issue still remains unknown.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • Mohamed Kindi

    Messi if it happens, I don’t think he would do in Italy what he did in spain, its too defensive environment for him, plus I care more to see Bernardeschi and Berardi and Belotti all together at Inter, than to have only Messi if we wisely calculate the cost, to have the hope of Italy’s soccer future, would only leads to the same result which to be dominance in Seria A.

  • arisage

    Only in our wildest (and wettest) dream IMO…

  • Δον Πάμπλο Εσκομπάρ

    Its a dream… 🙁

    • Wruce Bayne

      a wet dream*

  • Herdz

    So …messi is traitor..

  • Ahmed A.Marouf

    If Messi come to Inter, Maradona will ban him from Argentina national team

  • Inter DiHati

    Messi in the same team with Icardi, will happen? I dont think so

    • Adrian Raditya

      So, Messi will marry Wanda, and Icardi marry Raffaela?