TS: Banega from start and Eder a substitute

February 17, 2017 10:39
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Tuttosport also tries to predict the formation of Inter against Bologna: “In defence, everything points to Pioli starting with Medel and Miranda, although they risk suspension. This because they are just too important to Inter’s defence right now. As full-backs, there is a chance that Pioli continues with Murillo to the right and D’Ambrosio to the left as he did against Empoli. In midfield we have Joao Mario and Gagliardini behind Ever Banega as trequartista. Perisic returns to the team in his usual position with Candreva to the right, and in the attack Palacio will most likely get the call again with Eder as the primary substitute if Inter needs to score. Here is the probable formation:

INTER (4-2-3-1): Handanovic; Murillo, Medel, Miranda, D’Ambrosio; Gagliardini, Joao Mario; Candreva, Banega, Perisic; Palacio.

Source: tuttosport.com

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Stefano

    Each single Italian Football media outlet has a different Inter formation for Sunday.
    I swear, I have seen 8 different ones already,one for each media I looked into.
    We are talking about very little here..

  • Zoki

    Why not exactly the same formation with Eder instead of Palacio?

  • sleimani

    I like this defense, it is probably the best 4 man defense we have.

    I would rather see Banega saved as an impact sub and play candreva as the amf and eder the right flank. Keep rodrigo and bring in pinamonti at the 60-70 when rodrigo is gassed.

    No to gabigoless, flash but no substance from what I have seen. Not a player we can rely on when we need the result at the moment.

    In the future we need to loan pinamonti next season to a side like sampdoria/genoa… some solid mid table team with a clear system that can showcase/nurture a good striker.

  • Mohamed Kindi

    Why Palacio?! When we have Pinamonti and why not Gabigol

  • iAmJimmyShaker

    Guys this is mind games at its finest. We all know Tuttosport is a pro Jube newspaper. This is the preferred lineup and formation that Jube would want us to play.

  • kuda

    I’d rather have j. Mario as attacking mid and banega as deep lying mid

    • Wynne Putradana

      It will never work.. banega had been played in that position and he failed..

  • Almir Hucic

    Wait, wasn’t Eder the best man on the field last game?? WTF am I missing then?

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Calm down bro, it is Tuttoshit

  • Alex

    I would rather to go full attack by benching Dumbo: 3-4-1-2

    Candreva-Gaglia-Jao Mario-Perisic

    • Stefano

      Exactly my idea,except Pina for Gaby.
      Pinamonti is much more of a centre forward.

  • Alex

    Pioli would be retarded to start Palacio instead of Eder…