Zanetti: “Baggio is a very nice guy and a great friend”

February 17, 2017 16:40
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Javier Zanetti spoke with Sky Sport on close friend Roberto Baggio, the Italian footballing icon who will celebrate his 50th birthday tomorrow: “Baggio was one of the best players in Italian football. What most do not know is that he’s a very nice guy, in the locker room he always made us laugh, telling funny jokes. Also, he is a very humble and respectful. Roby and I have a great relationship: when he turned 40, for example, I went to celebrate with him. Our relationship was born thanks to my country Argentina: Baggio loves Argentina and, when we spoke, you could clearly see the love that bound him to that land: on occasion we also met there. I have great memories of that Inter side that included Roby and there was people like Vieri, Ronaldo, Recoba , Pirlo: It was a great Inter which is unfortunately forgotten, but it remains for me and I am proud to have played in a team with so many champions. A person like Roby can do very well in football and I believe it would be great for a young man to have Baggio as a mentor.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • sleimani

    Favorite player of all time 🙂

    Only one in the game right now that reminds me of him a little is Insigne, Baggio had no knees but still destroyed… I still remember his goal for Brescia against Rube where he leaves Buffon eating the grass (no disrespect to Gigi).


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