Player Ratings: Inter 1 – 3 Roma

February 27, 2017 09:30
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Outclassed tonight. Read below to find out who didnt deserve to start and what needs to improve.

Handanovic 5.5 – Tough game for him, whatever shots came through were quality, had no chance on the 1st goal. Got beaten by the penalty easily but the game was lost already

Murillo 5.5 – Battled hard without his usual commander alongside, but the first 15 mins had to be better from Jeison. Cant fault him for any goals, gave everything tonight

Medel 5 – Tried his best to win a losing aerial battle against Dzeko,looked rattled and never his calm old self. His stature didn’t help in that penalty decision too

D’Ambrosio 5.5 – Lots of fouls and hard tackles today, he managed to keep Salah quiet most of the time. Made 1 or 2 mistakes but in general kept everthing in check on his side

Candreva 4.5 – Cant pass, cant cross, cant shoot properly. He got one good cross in that Rudiger headed out. Then took a shot instead of passing and that’s about it. Dissapointment

Gagliardini 5.5 – Not his finest night. Cant blame him for the goals as he stood no chance but lost battles and Radja made it count. He will learn a lot from this display though.

Kondogbia 5.5 – He tried and gave it his all, lost a couple of balls as his team mates didn’t give him an option. Moved the ball better than most tonight. 90 min fitness still lacking

Perisic 5 – When on song amongst the best but when played this deep he loses his edge. Good coverage defensively and an assist but he has set higher standards.

Joao Mario 5 – 80 It was difficult for him to do anything note worthy. He was closed down well by Roma’s midfield. When he cant transition he loses his most dangerous weapon

Brozovic 4.5 – I have no clue why he started after his injury. Didn’t understand his role never got in any threatening positions. Didn’t even do much in winning the ball back.

Icardi 6 – Played like a true Capitano. That first half chance was missed due to his lack of match practice. Never stopped running and his determination got us that goal.

Eder 5 – For once he didn’t bring the impact he usually does. He should have won a penalty, yes, but he should be scoring it before that. Missed another one at the end

Gabriel Barbosa 5 -9 touches in his 15 mins or so. Didn’t notice him at all with the ball. Off the ball he ran a lot but with no meaningful contribution. Not much to write home about

Banega SV – No time to do anything, he would have been a better starting option than Brozovic but that’s easier to say in hindsight. Lets hope he gets more minutes.

Pioli 4.5 – Wrong set up. 2 players didn’t deserve to start this game. The team looked like deer in headlights at the start. Pre-match press conference didn’t help.

Tagliavento 3 – Laughable calls on our penalty appeals. Non-existent yellow cards. His attitude and demeanor shows he doesn’t like us. Lets not even talk about the penalty

Inter 4.5 – Wrong attitude. Too much respect given to Roma. We didn’t work as a team until it was too late in the game. Another direct clash lost, surely down to mentality.

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj