Manolas convinced Zhang, Zhang ready to submit an offer

February 28, 2017 19:03
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 reports Jindong Zhang used Inter-Roma as an opportunity to watch Kostas Manolas. The Greek defender convinced the Inter owner and he is prepared to submit an offer in the coming weeks to secure him for next season.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • FreyZa

    GOOD job !!! next pleaaseee FB Mr.Zhang

  • interista13

    Manolas had Icardi in his pocket for most of the game, his only mistake being against Perisic for our goal when he thought the line was playing him offside. His speed and ability to recover is exceptional, and I think he’d make an excellent partner for Miranda.

    • casperv

      Agree with you all the way he´s a beast and has much more “footballing-brain” than Koulibaly whom I really like as well plus he has the right age with him turning 26 next summer! Potentially he could stay with us the next 6-7 years!

      • interista13

        Definitely, I’d take Manolas over Koulibaly 10/10 times. I see Manolas as a better version of Murillo, who had a successful partnership with Miranda already, and I think will fit seamlessly into our back line.