Player Ratings: Cagliari 1 – 5 Inter

March 5, 2017 21:00
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Inter wiped the floor with Cagliari today inflicting the Rossblu their biggest defeat in Serie A history when faced with the Nerazzurri following a 5-1 win at the Stadio Sant’Elia.

Handanovic 7 – Great performance from Samir today. Did his best to keep out Cagliari and faultless for the goal. He even saved Miranda’s blushes once today.

D’Ambrosio 6.5 – Tried to score today for his new born baby. Danilo is also a re-born player under Pioli, kept the right side quiet and combined well with Gagliardini and Candreva

Medel 7.5 – Gary is slowly taking over the mantle of leader in defence from Miranda. That overhead clearance to keep us level was almost man of the match worthy

Miranda 6.5 – Looked rusty in the first half and made a couple of un-Miranda like errors, but as the game wore on we saw more of his usual self. Great CB pairing with Medel

Ansaldi 6.5 – Cristian’s best performance in an Inter jersey. Had a poor spell towards the end of the first half. See what happens when we have even semi decent full backs?

Gagliardini 7.5 – Finally got the goal.Didnt find it easy playing because of the Heavy pressing on him 1st half. Second half, he was the king in the middle, Cagliari were his subjects.

Kondogbia 7 – Kondo on song is one of the finest midfielders in his role. First half was a bit of a struggle but when both our DMs got going, we were unstoppable. Complete

Candreva 6.5 – Much better performance from Candreva. Gave it his all today and proved that he should never be played in a wingback role. Confidence boosting game

Banega 7.5 – Banega got into the game at about 20 mins or so. Then he did what he wanted to do. The only way to get the ball from Ever is if he wants to give it to you

Perisic 7.5 – Just like Candreva, it’s a waste to play him in a wingback position. Averages a goal or assist in every other game in Italy which is brilliant for a wide player

Icardi 7.5 – He ate Alves for lunch. One goal, one assist and won a penalty. Add to that some brilliant touches in and around the box. He is now on a goal-scoring run!

Eder 6 – He is Pioli’s first sub and has rarely ever dissapointed the coach. Tracked back, didn’t lose the ball once and ran non stop. Always plays well when we are on top

Joao Mario 6 – Like Eder, didn’t lose a single ball. In fairness it was difficult to match Banega today in his role. Will get some bench time and come back as class is permanent

Yuto Nagatomo SV – He was brought on for 2 mins and got 1 touch of the ball and that’s about it. Wouldn’t have played if Ansaldi didn’t start cramping up. Says it all really.

Pioli 7.5 – A good coach is one who sees his team’s strengths and plays to them. Realised the 3 man backline isnt ideal and got everyone playing in their right roles today

Marco Di Bello 5.5 – Let the game flow today. Didn’t fall for Borriello’s dives. Bruno Alves’ last man push on Icardi was missed. Didn’t have other difficult decisions to make

Inter 7.5 – A great response considering the events of last week. Fantastic performance and with some style. Played as a unit and lets hope we win the next two.

Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • A. Zanetti

    Please… no more stupid 3 backs cowardice formation! Stick with this winning formation and we will be running for the final lap of the third place race.

  • kaveh

    I hope pioli understands how valuable banega is, we’re lucky to have him, he should always start.

    • kuda


    • Alphonse

      I’m thinking.. maybe lack of him was a factor why we lost every game vs top three teams?

    • 1nteristi

      With our kondo-gags twin tower in midfield..and banega plays like today..i wonder how we are going to rotate brozo and J mario..i think we should sell one of them..i wouldnt mind selling brozo and I’m curious to see JM plays in candreva position

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        More than agree

      • inter_island

        Agreed. Sell Brozo for 25 – 30 million. Next season with Europe, Copa and the league we can more than rotate Mario and Banega.

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      He’s a pure magician

  • Stefano

    I agree on Candreva.
    Candreva did not play as badly as some people here say.
    The perfect pass for Icardi’s penalty kick’s play.
    The perfect cross from very far away ,finding Icardi’s head.
    The hard work,with lots of miles run,even defensively,and sometimes moving to the middle of the field as necessary.
    Not a star today,but a good quality midfielder and a solid team player.

    • Interfan99

      Still, i’d like to try Mario in right wing

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Lost too many balls also and slowed down the game

  • Shawn Lawrence

    Poor team. Still Juve top of table. Inter not at all consistent.

    • Stefano

      The discolored inmates site is that way,down to the left.

      • Wynne Putradana


  • Graeme

    We can beat all the other teams in Seria A but we always struggle against the top 3 teams Juventus, Roma, Napoli Dammit

    • INTERisLife

      Refs the differance

    • Playmaker

      unfortunately that’s happen. this is a new team. some of our backbone players are very young, new signing, with the new coach, and new owner.

  • Alex

    Didn’t see the “un-Miranda” like errors… also Medel had an amazing clearance off the line, but he did wrong on two off-side situations …
    Icardi doesn’t deserve the highest rating cause of the chance he missed (the second half hit the bar) and Jao Mario deserves more than 6 with his amazing pass for Icardi that should have been converted.

    Finally, Candreva doesn’t get more than 5.5 from me, cause he was a wreck in pass completions and a leader in losing the balls.

    So: Banega 8.0, Perisic 7.5, and Icardi 7.0.. Candreva 5.5

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    6.5 for Candreva is way too much. It was 5 at most.

  • R9

    Hopefully that’s how our starting line-up will look against Atalanta