VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match for Cagliari 1 – 5 Inter?

March 5, 2017 17:08
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Inter recorded their biggest away win of all time in the Serie A when the Nerazzurri bounced back from last weeks defeat by steamrolling Cagliari.

Ivan Perisic opened the scoreline then Banega curled home a freekick before Borriello pulled one back just before the interval. Perisic restored Inter’s 2 goal advantage, then Mauro Icardi was brought down in the area and converted the spot kick before Roberto Gagliardini finally opened his account with a hard, low drive from outside the penalty area.

Who stood out for you in black & blue? Vote below and check out’s podcast StudioInter on Tuesday morning to find out who won. Click here to subscribe to the podcast via RSS or iTunes.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Seiya20n

    Banega played so good, he is so dangerous right outside the box with his assist, hopefully he’ll get more playing time-

  • Michael Rojas

    5-1 and no Gabi, c’mon

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Hard to choose between Banega, Perisic and Gaglia

    • Alex

      Gaglia started the match very poorly. He can be much better in my opinion. And Pioli should had kept Perisic and subbed out Candreva. Perisic easily could had gotten his first hat-trick for us…

  • Cdp


    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Hell yeah!

  • Stefano

    I feel there is way too much criticism on Candreva.
    He did his job on the right wing,he is not a scorer ,he is not a super quick forward,he is a midielder of the right wing..and God can he deliver some hard work ,pressing and some precise crossing.
    Even today go take a look at how he found Icardi’s head in the second half,from very far away.

    • frigo

      He deserve all the criticism and even more in my opinion. If you like, you can juxtapose him with Perisic, who have the same role, but on the left flank! Yes, he helps in defense and this is his strong quality, but for me he’s our most ineffective player, excluding fullbacks! Don’t forget, that we payed 25 millions for him and he’s italian international, i don’t think thst he meet the expectations!

      • Stefano

        Conte was ready ,just a few weeks ago,to pay the same,and even a little more to have him for Chelsea.
        Mancini is the one who wanted him.
        De Boer and Pioli both always confirmed him as a stable starting XI.
        Conte wanted him last winter window market ,in London.
        For Italy,Prandelli,Conte,Ventura all of them confirmed him as a sure starter.
        Are they all football idiots?
        I think it all depends on what you expect of him.
        He is different from Perisic but he has his qualities.
        I ,for once,see them clearly.
        And by the way,he has produced goals and assists too,even tonight the pass to Icardi that became a pk.

  • Stefano

    To be honest the man who truly made the difference is Banega,by far.
    I still feel like giving it to Gaglia somehow..great game and great first goal in Serie A.

  • giointer

    we must win all games we have in seria A and i belive we can

    • Stefano

      10 out of 11 would probably do.
      NOT an easy task anyway,
      Starting from Atalanta next,which is very tough cookie,they tied with Fiore today but they dominated the whole game and El Papu Gomez is a very dangerous left forward.

      • Stefano

        ( actually even 9 wins + 2 ties might do,as long as one of the wins is Inter-Napoli)

  • Cdp

    When we win 5-1, can’t watch the game…
    When we play like shit i always wake up in the morning watching a late streaming…

    • Alex

      Exactly what happened to me! :))

      • Desireegbottoms

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    • Naves

      Same my internet data expired…lol

    • INTERisLife

      The power in the neighborhood cut out n only came back after it finished lol

  • macanoo muriidi

    People please I want to understand what candreva is doing for us i understand everyone else but candreva????

    • giointer

      candreva must be on the bench.

  • kuda

    Always lord nagamoto for me

    • Alex

      Lol, he touched the ball once, and he couldn’t control it :))

  • Zoki

    At first I was like damn ok, Banega MOTM. Then damn, maybe Perišić. And then damn, maybe Icardi. And at the end, damn, maybe Gagliardini. Hard to choose MOTM when we peform good like this.