VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match for Inter 7 – 1 Atalanta?

March 12, 2017 17:19
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Inter demolished Atalanta by 7-1 at the San Siro after a hattrick each by Argentinian duo Ever Banega and Nerazzurri captain Mauro Icardi.

The game was effectively over in the first half when Inter scored 5 goals in 17 minutes where Icardi scored 3 in the space of 9 minutes making it the fastest hattrick in Inter’s history. Former Atalanta player Roberto Gagliardini got on the scoresheet as well against his former club in the second half sealing the result 7-1 in front of just under 60.000 spectators at the San Siro.

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • inter_island

    Hard choice for me so I gave it to my boy K-dog who bossed the midfield and kept Kessie in school.

  • SΓΈren

    K-dog was my MOTM. He handled the midfield like a boss – making Kessie (on of the players who tried something for Atlanta) look like a junior player.
    He bossed, won and took everybody down who tried to enter HIS midfield.

    • boln

      He simply put that glorified muntari in his pocket all the time

  • A. Zanetti

    Yeah right, last week some genius dude confronted me by telling me:
    “Banega is not the shit, he is nothing compared to 45-million-euros-super-player” LOL

    • boln

      Sounds like the italian curva nord diego mileto

  • Stefano

    And now:
    Forza Torino for tomorrow.

  • Stefano

    Special of the special mentions:
    I read a lot of Italian Inter fans still going:
    ” yeah he is good, but if Conte or Simeone comes well…”
    The insanity of that pisses me off.
    What we need is stabilty and continuity,starting from now ,including actively working with him and only him for the next transfer market.

    • InterFin


  • Stefano

    Banega 3 goals +2 assists (and a half,…the first free kick…i dont’ think is considered an assist,technically?).
    He enters in every single one of the 7 goals plays.
    Banega is both a top player AND a pleasure to the eyes .

    Hard and too long to list all the positives today.
    Much easier the negatives.
    Only two possible negatives:
    Perisic meh..
    Probable pk around the 10th minute,with hand very open by D’ambro.
    End of negatives.

    One more player I feel needs to be mentioned,because the other ones are too obvious today:
    I believe Kondogbia is the most “physical ” defensive midfielder in the world right now.

    • A. Zanetti

      And the kind of player who forces his haters to shut the fuck up with a hattrick πŸ˜€

  • Dani MilekiΔ‡

    Ever Banega. Has to be a key player for this Inter team. Fact that he was a bench player not so long ago makes me want to kill myself.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Other than Ever? lol

    But all the lads deserve 10/10!

  • boln

    Kondo deserved special mention imo

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  • Rikard Olsson

    Besides the two hattrick heroes, cannot believe how composed and dominating Kondogbia is game after game now. Wins ball after ball and is what we have been lacking for a long time. If he keeps this up we will have a solid DM/CM combination in the class of Cambiasso/Motta, with him and Gagliardini.

    • Facchetti

      Everyone was doubting him, but only a few people here said to give him time. He’s flourishing and his confidence level is sky high right now. He’s also a slow runner but somehow has out ran everyone on the team. Him and Gags make a perfect duo because they constantly communicate on the pitch and if one presses up the field the other stays back. They take turns in doing so. Can’t believe our best midfielders are under 25 years old…

  • Alex

    Everything is great EXCEPT seeing us lose our precious Serie A minutes wasting on keeping GranpaLacio happy, instead of helping Pinamonti/Gabi to develop.

    I was a defender of Kondo since the beginning, and now I’m glad to see him flourish. Take it from me that Ansaldi is a lot better than a lot of you guys think (for that you need to raise your bar low, and compare him with Nagashit, he is incomparable in my books)!!

    • boln

      He is getting better. I admit that

    • Rikard Olsson

      Yeah. Same as Kondogbia was, Ansaldi is currently lacking confidence. Unfortunately though, we do not have time to wait for him to regain it, since we will most likely buy a better LB in the summer. Hope he can reach D’ambro’s consistency for the remainder of the season though.

      • Alex

        I’m not saying we should wait on him. All I’m sayin is we can get the job done with him until the next transfer window. Then hopefully get rid of Nagashit and Santon, and we can have him as a bench player, or maybe sell him for some profit as well.

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      More than agree Alex.

    • Spas Georgiev

      Totally agree! Why put Palacio or even Eder in a decided match when you can give the youngsters some much needed playtime and confidence. With interest from the EPL, why would they stay with Inter if they can’t get playing time in game like this

    • Stefano

      True,but I just joined the Pioli cult,so I tell myself :
      ” HE must have his good reasons ,which look misterious to me,poor ,simple human being who is not a Pioli,so who am I to judge or even dare to THINK about knowing any better.”
      I do not dare attempt any criticism of HIM.
      I want him confirmed for the next 60 years.

      • Alex

        My friend, Pioli needs to do much more to get the goat seat that you are giving him. We have lost all of our games against big teams with him (Rube, Roma, and Napoli). Btw, it is not only the fault of the coach. It’s club mentality… a lot of coaches don’t like playing youngsters, but they do it under the pressure of the club. That will send a strong message throughout Italy and the world to great prospects, that if they come here and work hard, they will make their way to Serie A through the jersey of Inter…

        • frigo

          Absolutely! The only possible reason Gabriel to not be first substitution early in the second half by this result, when you payed so much money for him, it’s conflict with the coach!!! But in this case why wasn’t Pinamonti on the pitch instead of Palacio???

        • Stefano

          Inter-Lazio 3-0 ,Inter-Fiore and Inter-Atalanta 7-1 are good enough fro me right now,at the conditions he got a hold of Inter..
          Will see in Inter Napoli.
          But he does deserve a whole lot of credit and trust(+some time to catch up with he top 3) as far as I am concerned.

          • Alex

            We are fans of Inter. In our eyes, we should compete with top ten in Europa. If we consider Lazio a big team then we are nobody!

            We will be able to compete with Suning’s investment and we must be able to someone in charge that could win big matches….

            But Mancio’s track record against “big” team has been better than Pioli, and Pioli needs to change that….

          • Stefano

            Of course,top 3 in Europe if you ask me,but you get there gradually,with good programming ,step by step betterment,and that’s exactly what Pioli is doing in my eys

    • Asyrof Syarif

      There’ some respect to opponent team IMO, since If Pioli choose to field Gabi or Pina, it would be a humiliation for Atalanta to face their hunger.

  • kuda

    I saw the real la beneamata in this match, reminds me of 2010 Inter. We dont need to win possession. Once we have the chances to counter attack, and then we make it count. Banega undoubtedly is our new sneijder. Lead the attack with such a vision. Kudo to everyone!

    • Graeme

      Yea I don’t know why we kept him on the bench we need to play him for the rest of the season and we can still 3rd place

      • Facchetti

        Serie A is not like any other league in Europe. It’s extremely tactical and players get closed down pretty damn quick. It takes time to adjust to the league. This is why when guys leave Serie A, they struggle for a while because they are used to touch and go movements and other leagues defenders give you lots of space.

  • JAY


    • Facchetti

      Kondogbia > Jay.