Player Ratings: Torino 2 – 2 Inter

March 18, 2017 22:00
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Inter drew 2-2 away at the Stadio Olimpico against Torino after goals from Kondogbia and Candreva found the net for the Nerazzurri whilst Baselli and Acqua found the back of the net for the Granata. With this result Inter can realistically call the race to play in next seasons Champions League off. Inter got what Inter deserved which translates to no Champions League football next season either.

Samir Handanovic – 5.5: Made a great save off that deflected Belotti shot, Faultless for the 1st goal. Then on it was poor, didn’t try to save that Acquah shot, poor decision on Molinaro’s run.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 5.5: Not the usual DD for the recalled Italy international. Ljajic, Baselli gave him a lot of trouble and he couldn’t do much in attack and was always caught off position.

Gary Medel – 5.5: It was a difficult night for the defenders. Medel tried to contain Belotti who was a handful but couldn’t distribute well enough as the midfield was overrun.

Joao Miranda – 6: Miranda did much better against Belotti, but still nowhere near his high standards. He made 1 big mistake that didn’t cost us, but was unable to lead our defence.

Cristian Ansaldi – 6: Continued his good form. For once it was not his fault that the left flank suffered. Assured in defense and managed to grab a crucial assist to Candreva.

Roberto Gagliardini  – 5.5: Followed up one of his best games for Inter with one of his poorest. He didn’t mark Acquah on the goal and couldn’t really contribute going forward.

Geoffrey Kondogbia – 6.5:  Apart from his fitness which is an issue, he was everywhere today. Driving from deep, winning tackles and even scoring against his favorite opponent!

Antonio Candreva  – 6: He gets a 6 for scoring that goal. That’s it actually, didn’t do anything positive apart from that. He is a liability when he is playing like this, deserves the bench.

Ever Banega – 5.5:  Ever was the safest passer of the starters tonight, till he was taken off nobody got in more accurate crosses. Is it his fault that the team couldn’t get him involved?

Ivan Perisic  – 4.5: If Perisic ran a marathon alone today, he would still come last. Didn’t run as much as he does, didn’t help the defense, wasted 6 opportunities that he usually buries

Mauro Icardi – 5: Unable to get involved at all. Banega couldn’t get the ball through, Candreva was Candreva and Perisic chose to be selfish when Icardi was around. Unusually poor.

Jeison Murillo – 6: Not easy to come on in such a game. Did his best to stop Belotti and IMO did a better job than Medel. Was beaten once, great to have someone like him on the bench.

Eder – 7: From the moment he came on we started really troubling Toro. Created too many chances by his running and movement and once again repays Pioli’s trust.

Marcelo Brozovic – 6: Never gave the ball away with his 24 touches in 15 mins, his passing was quick and precise and got the impact that was needed, but we couldn’t convert.

Stefano Pioli – 5.5: Pioli has been on the money with his tactical ability during games, but he failed to grab control of the midfield before it was too late, needs to have a Plan B ready.

Luca Banti – 6: Let the game flow on and got all major calls right. Toro would be right to feel hard done by on some decisions, but overall it was nice to see a decent referee.

Inter – 5: Going into the International break it was important we got 3 points, the team seemed like they enjoyed their last 2 victories too much, we were outrun tonight.

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • Azzkikr

    Dumbos rating should be lower, since he was indirectly responsible for the second Torino goal. His incredibly bad pass got intercepted which resulted in that counter attack.

  • intermilan

    The ratings are pretty much spot on. But Icardi couldnt be blamed as once again services to him was poor. We played the wings for far too much when they are not producing the goods.

    Handanovic is good but his permanent problem i.e. brain frezee (standing still ball watching) on cross/pass accross the goal and certain types of shot-on-goal again is all there to be seen.

    I had noticed this for a long time. This was highlighted in the latest podcast and i could not agreed more.

    We need a better keeper as this is something that Handanovic will never improved on.

    • Azzkikr

      No keeper in the world in the world would have saved any of the Torino goals, so not sure what the Handa hate is about.

      Its definitely not relevant to yesterdays game, thats for sure.

      • intermilan

        My post is NOT a hate post on Handanovic.

        And it also not about the Toro goals.

        Its about Handanovic brain freeze moments.
        This is his weakness that cant be improved and will happen again and again.

        We need to find a better keeper (when we decided to replace him) as surely our opponents know about this weakness and try to play a certain way to exploit it.

        Lastly, if you have something to say please do it in context of my comment.

  • InterGuy

    ” Candreva was Candreva and Perisic chose to be selfish when Icardi was around. Unusually poor.”
    This makes no sense to be honest…You blame Cancreva Perisic and Banega for him not being able to get a shot but in the end you say like “fuck it,Icardi you were awfull” Perisic was the reason Icardi did not score,him not scoring and us not winning!Should have came off for Eder not Banega And Banega or Candreva for JM!

  • eermat

    Perisic should have buried one of those many chances. Candreva was terrible, but still he managed to be at the right position once and score, I think J.Mario could have done better at his position.

    I missed J.Mario, I feel that he could have been the sub that would have brought the victory. Eder and Brozo did well in my eyes, if only Medel would have stayed healthy J.Mario would been in the game.

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