Terzo Tempo – Wasteful Inter Draw Blanks In Turin

March 18, 2017 22:30
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Inter’s dreams of ending a 5-year hiatus from the Champions League will remain just a dream. At least for one more season, as tonight’s draw away at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin against Torino effectively extinguished all hopes of making a much needed and desired return to Europe’s top club competition. And the culprits are none other than Inter themselves after a display of abysmal finishing in front of Joe Hart’s gaping goal.Β 

It is quite difficult to comprehend how a team that has scored 12 goals in the last 2 matches can behave so impotently in front of the oppositions goal, especially when that goal is ‘guarded’ by Joe Hart. The English international made a couple of good saves but this match will be remembered for the 2 howlers by Hart that would have even embarassed legendary Colombian clown RenΓ© Higuita.

Inter followed up last week’s display of ruthless efficiency in front of goal with what can best be described as abysmal finishing against a Torino side, who aside from Joe Hart’s clownish antics in goal, demonstrated just how shaky their defence is, to put it mildly. How else can anyone explain that Inter had 19 attempts on goal and only 4 hit the target? And who else best illustrates that point and how poor of a night Inter’s attacking players had than Ivan Perisic? The Croatian winger had 6 attempts on goal, 4 of them clear goal scoring opportunities yet didn’t manage to hit the target once. That is unless the target was one of the lovely middle-aged ladies selling delicious salsiccia panini’s outside the Stadio Olimpico.

Antonio Candreva may have scored a goal tonight but his crossing, decision making and passing was pathetic and in all honesty, that’s describing his performance in nice terms. Torino’s Molinaro was on him like a rash and Candreva was completely unable to deal with the tight marking and high pressure which the former Juventus full-back put him under. The lack of competition for the 2 winger positions was glaring as well as staring Inter in the face, since in any other team with top 3 ambitions in any of Europe’s top 4 league’s, both of these gentlemen would have been brought off at half-time at the very latest.

Candreva and Perisic were hardly alone in having a dreadful night in Turin, in fact the only two Inter players that weren’t awful and thus were Inter’s best players on the night, was Cristian Ansaldi and Geoffrey Kondogbia. The former stated before the match that he is working hard on returning back to the form he had at Genoa and when adding tonight’s performance to the ones against Atalanta and Cagliari, it’s hard to argue against him. Geoffrey Kondogbia scored his first goal of the season which also happened to be his second Serie A goal since joining Inter in the summer of 2015, with the first one coming last season against Torino.

A 2-2 draw away against Torino is no disaster especially when considering that Mihajlovic’s men have only lost once at home this season, a defeat that came against cross-town rivals Juventus. The Granata should be complimented on how they played, as they completely dominated the first quarter of the second half and fully deserved to be in the lead. The criticism against Inter’s performance tonight is partly due to how much Torino put them under pressure forcing Inter to make mistakes. However, the main portion of blame is on Inter for displaying a lack of focus, concentration and determination when it mattered the most, not to mention all the unforced errors caused by sloppy passing. Given how the season started it’s difficult to criticize Inter too much, but given how well the team has come back and how close they’ve been to achieving their objectives, tonight leaves a bitter taste. A taste Inter have tasted far too many times these past few seasons. It’s the taste of being your own worst enemy and drawing blanks when it matters the most.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Aaron

    Really… Candreva is a tad bit overrated to me…all he does is cross cross cross OBVIOUSLY eventually yes put in a masterclass delivery but after how many attempts? If we are to be top in the next few seasons then we have no room for wasted opportunities.. We have the most lethal striker in the league arguably on par or just below higuain and you’re telling me we can’t supply him at least 4-5 times per the course of 90 mins? Come on..the wingers must do better.

  • fcinter1908

    I think we should try to play without candreva. In my opinion J. Mario can be deployed in the right flank. Candreva is a good player but barely give any crativity to open opponent defense instead J. Mario can give several deadly through pass to hel Icardi

  • Fox River

    Perisic ICARDI Candreva ???? is this what Inter deserves ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Too sad to write a comment… πŸ™

  • Alex

    “Lack of competition for the winger position” is made by Pioli by not giving any chances to Barbosa. There would be a really small chance that Barbosa would had a worse night than Perisic.
    Sad outcome, but at least happy to see that even Nima is now impressed by Ansaldi. We had a decent performance, especially after Eder was subbed in and we should hold our head high that Belotti, one of the most inform strikers in the world were in the pocket of Miranda.

    Let’s not look at the table and try to win every game.

    Forza Inter.

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