VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match for Torino 2 – 2 Inter?

March 18, 2017 20:18
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It ended all square in Turin’s Stadio Olimpico when Torino hosted Inter after Kondogbia broke the deadlock by scoring his first goal of the season and his second goal in the Serie A which incidentally was also his second goal against Torino. Moments later Daniele Baselli equalized and after the interval Acqua gave Torino the lead before Candreva scored what became the final result, 2-2.

The sharpness Inter have demonstarted in front of goal these past few weeks had vanished as the Nerazzurri seemed impotent in fornt of goal and should thank Joe Hart for making two howlers which Inter capitalized on twice.

Who stood out for you in black & blue? Vote below and check out’s podcast StudioInter on Tuesday morning to find out who won. Click here to subscribe to the podcast via RSS or iTunes.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Antonio

    I went for Ansaldi just because he has been stepping up his performances recently. He got the assist and did a much better job offensively than DD on the other side. Kondo was a shout too but all those missed passes frustrated me too much

  • 1NT3R

    I voted Eder

  • Herdz

    It must be joe hart

  • Stefano

    I think there must be a lot of anti- Eder prejudice in our blackandblue nation, cause he was obviously our best and most creative offensive player today..
    Still ..almost nobody votes him as motm?
    What am I missing?

    • Farhan Gani

      Too much hate towards Eder, he was very good!

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  • Stefano

    in all honesty gaglia simply sucked today.
    motm Eder

  • M.Cassar ©

    Yes there was quite a few mistakes today, but Torino played well too. At home only Juventus have beaten them, which says a lot. Let’s hope Napoli start dropping some points.

  • Correct Assessment of this current Inter side:

    1.) Champions League dream for next season is fading aay into the distance.

    2.) We need decent wingers and full-backs. (All the top teams in UCL have better options than Perisic, Candreva, Gabriel, Eder and Biabiany ~ Ansaldi, Nagatomo, D’Ambrosio and Santon). In a real team, Perisic & Candreva won’t even get dressed or at most will rot on the bench.

    3.) Perisic is a complete idiot that should not be starting games (he has shown repeatedly that he only plays above average once every 5 games – the statistics don’t lie).

    4.) To return to prime time football, only 4-5 players from this current team (Handa, Icardi, Kondo, YYY and ZZZ) can be of any use at all – the rest should transfer to Lazio or Crotone.

    5.) Mbappe and Berardi can’t be as terrible as Perisic & Candreva – a half decent winger would have buried at least one of the chances that brain-dead Perisic wasted today. He did the exact same thing against Milan earlier this season.

    6.) We need a proper, capable defensive midfielder, not jack of many trade master of none Gagliardini (he’ll be useless against much capable opposing midfielders in the UCL should we even qualify).

    7.) Suning and the fat, useless Indonesian president should take responsibility for making this year another year zero all over again (changing the bench 2 weeks before season kicked-off & their stupidity looking for a “big-name, popular coach” to play sexy, champagne football in a pragmatic league is legendary and beyond idiotic).

    8.) Judging by the way we played 2day, Napoli & Lazio would both have to uffer a major natural disaster like Chape to hand us a lifeline in the UCL race.

    9.) Words cannot do justice to the anger I feel deep inside me right now.

    10.) Our management should just shut up, fix the loopholes in the team and not buy another bunch of useless “Gabigols” & Perisic & Candreva that this team clearly does not need.

  • Naves

    It would be 2-0 if any other decent goalkeeper was there instead of Hart.It was off day for the entire team considering we misplaced so many passes under pressure from Torino high press. Overall average performance against a difficult Torino team at home.

  • Vidyan I. Banizian

    idk but worst of the match must be perisic

    • Zoki

      One of his worst games since joining Inter

    • I voted him as man of the match – what a complete, idiotic and retarded performance. One of the worst decision-making ability in football.

      An absolute idiot today – the sole reason why we enter the international break feeling completely out of the UCL race.

  • Zoki

    A bit later than usual, but a quick recap of the game:
    Our game against Torino was great for a neutral, lots of action, both teams playing rather well and open attacking. My heart was often racing during the game due to action. Torino really are a good side on home ground, just won’t and won’t lose. Also interesting to see 4 goals being scored but neither Icardi or Belotti got one in. Sad to see Medel injured, he has been great lately. Hart is a freaking joke, he makes so many mistakes, was a part of both our goals. He is a good reaction stopshotter, can make some great saves but so uncomposed and error-prone. And he has been like this for long. And some PL fans were saying he’s better than Handanović, Buffon etc and is top 5 GK. Hard not to stereotype when they say shit like that. Perišić had a uncharacteristicly bad game, he had many chances and managed to miss them all. If this was prime-time Perišić, we would’ve won. Gagliardini was rather poor as well. Kondogbia was good and even Ansaldi was better than usual. Overall it’s hard to argue that a draw isn’t a fair result.

  • Farhan Gani

    How was Kondogbia best? He threw away too many passes. He did some good stuff but those things I do expect from him..

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      he deserved it for his defensive contribution alone

  • Alphonse

    For me Kondogbia and all subs.

  • Muttaqien

    Where is Joe Hart?