Candreva sets new goalscoring record for midfielders in Serie A

March 19, 2017 22:43
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antonio candreva

After his equaliser in Inter’s 2-2 draw with Torino on Saturday evening, Antonio Candreva has achieved his own personal goalscoring record.

The right-winger has now scored 43 goals since the 2012/13 season, more than any other midfielder in that period.


Jack Portley
By Jack Portley
  • FB

    Against Torino, I was just about to tell a fellow Interista that I thought Pioli should substitute Candreva, when he scored. That’s Candreva in a nutshell.. If only he could be more consistent.

  • Azzkikr

    A bit of a stretch to call him a midfielder though.

    He is a winger, a role that was redefined from old the “outside forward” role.

    Not really a forward, not really a midfielder, its a position of its own, so it makes no sense to group him with either catagory.

  • Nidal Safarini

    He is average or a little bit above average on best case, hus problem is he overdo basic steps, he tries to dribble when it is safer to pass back or just cross.
    But on the good side he always tracks back to help the defence, his workload is good and even when he fails to deliver he is not the one who screws thing up.

  • JAY

    the crossing is what lets him down other than that he is a superb player

  • R9

    He’s still shit.

    • 1nteristi

      yeeaah..i have mixed feeling about candreva..sometimes he plays like shit but then sometimes he delivers an assist or a goal..he surely need a rotation like berardi maybe or bernardeschi

      • Bryce Runtu

        He is guarin 2.0 , play like shit but scored & assist with beauty