Ciccio Graziani: “Mauro Icardi is an animal inside the penalty box but I prefer Belotti.”

March 19, 2017 08:30
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Ciccio Graziani, the former striker of Torino and Roma answered Gazzetta dello Sport‘s question of who is stronger between Belotti and Icardi:

“They are both very strong, but at this time I choose Belotti not just because he scored more goals. Andrea in the field does everything: fights, sets, runs, pressures, refines, marks. Icardi is more of a traditional striker, an animal inside the penalty box that benefits from having more talented teammates than Belotti.”

But do you think the two are worth their expensive clauses of 90-100M for abroad?

“While valuing them very much, I say no. But, with all due respect to him, if Verratti is worth 100 million then Belotti and Icardi are worth 130M. That being said, I think we are talking about absurd figures. But as long as the English pay 40M for someone who does not even pass the ball with the weak foot – football is likely to go broke.”

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport