GdS: Manolas close, Inter working on payment

March 19, 2017 09:36
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In today’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport some focus is on the mercato: “Now, Inter and Roma have their first concrete contact regarding Kostas Manolas, the greek defender that Ausilio has had his eyes on for quite some time now. Pallotta seems to have at least 35-40 million euro as a demand and now Inter are working on a plan to make that happen. Paying over three years seems to be a solution that every part involved is happy with. Jeison Murillo could be part of the deal but the Inter defender is also being monitered by Chelsea and Manchester City. Should Murillo be part of the deal De Vrij could accompany Manolas to Milan.


  • Playmaker

    nope, not murillo. with Miranda already past his prime, it’s bad decision to loose Murillo, especially to our direct rival. Murillo is future, he is the most consistent player in the defensive line after Miranda.

  • INTer


  • Inter1998

    Manolas + De Vrij : twin tower in defence.
    I don’t mind sacrificing Medel or Murillo to get those two Giant CB.

  • bajaninter

    If we give them Murillo then we might have to go back for him 2-3years at 40mil. Maranda is soon gone so why give away or YOUNG and up coming talent!

  • Fox River

    Give the useles Medel instead.

    • ezekiel

      useless medel!? when we still have nagatomo, andreoli and ranochia!?

    • Asyrof Syarif

      If You mean it, then you must have T-bag’s pocket all the day…

      • Fox River

        you have nothing to say i know…and please next time focus on what he do OK.

  • Stent-X

    Manolas and De Vrij to Inter??? Murillo goes to Lazio???

  • 1nteristi

    Why the fuck should we gave them murillo??

    • Fuck U Ranocchia

      because manolas is muuuuch better than murillo lol

    • R9

      I would honestly give them Murillo if that means we get Manolas and De Vrij.

      • A. Zanetti

        That’s like exchanging a Fiat for two Ferraris LOL
        Murillo has been declining gradually since last year, don’t know exactly what happened to him. Losing Murillo to get Manolas and De Vrij really tempting.