Sky Sport: Inter looking at Genoa striker Simeone

March 19, 2017 18:00
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According to reports from Sky Sport Italia, Inter are reportedly interested in signing Giovanni Simeone.

With other reports suggesting that his father, Diego, will become Inter coach in 2018, Sky Sport believe that Inter will try and bring him to San Siro too.

The young forward is also reportedly attracting interest from Italian trio Roma, Lazio and Fiorentina as well as Spanish outfit Villarreal.


Jack Portley
By Jack Portley
  • Stent-X

    Always, better than Petagna!!! come on, let’s do it quick Ausilio!!! Next Kün is there.

    • Stefano

      Fine,but give a definition of “quick”, since Italian teams cannot legally buy any contracted player until June comes.(only players with no Cassano)
      They can have personal agreements of all kinds..(of which we are not supposed to know much anyway,they may already have some with some players for all we know) but we cannot legalize finalize anything, with a contract actually signed, till June.

      • vikram_yahoo

        I could be wrong but I think it’s more a question of registering the contract. If it’s signed, it’s signed.

        • Stefano


      • Stent-X

        You dont got it, Obviously not right now. But, yes, that Inter reach a “verbal agreement under the table” Before another team do it.