Ansaldi: “Difficult against Torino, we deserved to win”

March 20, 2017 07:30
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Cristian Ansaldi took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the draw with Torino: “”It was a difficult game, we deserved to win but this is football. Now let’s keep focused on our targets.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Azzkikr

    lol @ “deserved to win”.

    You dont deserve to win when you cant score on your chances and the entire misplaces passes constantly. Besides that, both Inter goals were Hart howlers.

    If anyone slightly deserved to win that game it was Torino, but the draw was a fair result.

    • casperv

      Agree with you all the way! We played really badly, and the hole team sucked!

  • Lajoya

    I think draw is a fair result seeing how we failed to capitalize opportunities especially Perisicinho.

    • casperv

      Perisic was really bad too, the first goal was him to blame for not man-marking his man and the rest of the time he seemed sluggish on not into it -that´s why we need players on the bench to come on and change the game, not players like Eder and Palacio but quality players!

      • maxinh0

        to be fair. eder did a good job when coming on. as soon as he stepped on the pitch inter dominated for a period of time

        • casperv

          Inter really didn’t dominate in the 2. half at all.. Eder did well compared to the -yet again -very disappointing Banega…

          • maxinh0

            we actually did dominate for like 10-15 min in the second half when eder came in. soon after he entered we scored and had some more chances which we didnt convert while we gave little space to the opposition