Sainsbury: “I couldn’t refuse Inter, I need to keep working to convince Pioli”

March 20, 2017 18:15
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Trent Sainsbury was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph and he shared how he came about joining Inter and his experience so far: “In fact I had no choice. If I had stayed in China I could not play because of the new rules on foreigners. So I could stay in China, not play but train, or just go to Inter, train and have a chance to play. Who could refuse Inter? The playing time is important, we all know, I just have to continue training and try to convince the coach.”

On his arrival… “It was difficult because I had not played a game since late November. I was not in top form and above all I was very nervous as you can understand. The first two weeks I used to get in shape for training. The Chinese league is not the level of Serie A but I do not feel that I have to prove anything to anyone. I must prove to myself that I can be here at these levels. The biggest obstacle to overcome is myself. Physically I’m fine but tactically it’s tougher, Italians love the defense. I am learning the language which makes it all a bit easier on the field, but tactically I have to adapt to the team. It is not easy to arrive mid-season and I was pretty much in the middle of pre-season.”

On his future… “This experience puts me in the shop window. In China there is not the same media coverage that there is in Europe, and this certainly does not hurt me. Maybe someone will see me and will see what I have to offer to their club. A return to Europe is possible. My wife would certainly be very happy. In the meantime I’m enjoying the moment. I was in Europe ahead of China and in Europe, I feel the same that I feel every time I wear the shirt of the national team. Everyone wants to reach their limits and reach new levels. Europe is definitely in my plans.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson