Sassuolo GM Carnevali: “If clubs want Berardi 40 million euros is maybe an appropriate fee”

March 20, 2017 16:15
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Giovanni Carnevali, Sassuolo’s general manager spoke to GR Parliamento on Domenico Berardi: “He has suffered a troubled season due to his injuries, but he has restarted very well. I hope in the future he will become a legend of Sassuolo, but if some clubs want to sign him they must pay an appropriate fee. How much? Maybe 40 million euros is an appropriate figure.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Lajoya

    WTF at most 30mio.

  • R9

    Last summer his price was 25m GTFO I prefer to spend 40m on Bernardeschi atleast he progressed a lot unlike Berardi who didn’t have a good season since 2014-2015.

    • frigo

      Completely agree with you. IMHO Bernardeschi is better player, more skillful and versatile, but that’s matter of taste and personal preferences! But what kind of logic is player who after season full of injuries and inconsistency his price rise from 25 to 40?!?! Pure nonsense!

      • 1nteristi

        That prick sassuolo president