Tuttosport: Inter great against the small sides not so great against the top sides

March 20, 2017 13:30
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Tuttosport have examined more numbers from Stefano Pioli‘s ongoing reign as manager of Inter. Against teams in the bottom half of the table Inter have won 9 of 10 picking up an impressive 27 points. When they face teams in the top half however its a different story. Having played 8 of those in the top half excluding Sampdoria who they face next, Inter have had little success winning just three, drawing two and losing three – all to the top three of Juventus, Roma and Napoli – giving Inter just 11 points from a possible 24.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • arisage

    Our loses for Napoli & Roma simply because they are better team and more time to bound than us. Nothing wrong with Pioli, IMO 🙂

  • Michael Rojas

    Being able to beat the smaller teams is a plus as we couldn’t do that in the beginning of the season. Next year im sure we’ll be better against the bigger teams.

  • casperv

    Well we have beaten very convincing the teams just around us, with Pioli at the helmet (Lazio and Atalanta). As for Napoli and Roma – they simply are better than us. But with a great transfer market this summer that gap to the will be reduced!

  • bajaninter

    I don’t think it’s fair to say what tutto is saying. We actually played well against juve. Roma too but was beaten by magic.

  • hj

    that because those 3 big teams already become a stable team with stable and great surrounding these past 3 seasons. Pioli just in charged on November 16. what he has done in Inter already big. I cant imagine where Inter are if De Boer were still manage the team.