Ventola: ‘Without Champions League qualification, Pioli will leave’

March 20, 2017 02:30
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Nicola Ventola spoke to the microphones of “Falla Girare” on Radio Reporter about the future of Inter coach Stefano Pioli.

“Without qualification to the Champions League I think Pioli will go. The Inter project will be great and I believe the club will want to get a winner, a leader, even if Pioli is a very good coach and he immediately knew how to get important results.”

By Oliver Fisher
  • Michael Rojas

    I wouldnt blame him for not making CL. Management chose to get rid of Mancini and hired DeBoer. We were a bottom table team when Pioli took over. We need to stick with him for next season

  • Azzkikr

    The reality is the opposite, there is no point getting a new coach when we are NOT in the CL.

    Next season there will be 4 CL spots to play for in italy due to UEFA’s ridiculous changes. So even though Pioli isnt a world class, then with a few key signings in the summer its extremely likely Inter will finish top 4 next season and get back in the CL for 18/19.

    Pioli should only be sacked this summer if a world class coach is available, which doesnt seem likely. So Pioli might as well stay for next season and then try to get a world class coach by the end of next season.