Buffon: “Foreign investment is a setback for our football”

March 21, 2017 02:30
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Gianluigi Buffon shared his thoughts on the foreign investment in Calcio in recent years in an interview with Kicker: “The Americans took Roma, The Chinese have taken the Milan clubs: Poor Italians. It is a setback for our football and our traditions.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Aji Faishal Nurhakim

    just retire already Buffon, you make players like Perin, Donna, Meret, Sirigu, etc dont have chance at national team. That is a setback for Italian regeneration.

  • Solberg – Norway

    lol. he doesent even know that his so called italian Club is owned by lots of small investors around the world as simple Stock owners.

  • igo

    snorted snorted…coming from the one who has a safe seat from #cough mafioso cough#…so from the bottom of my heart I’ll ask you to save your money to buy parma in the next years okay? save them before someone from far country choose to buy the club. #if you see it coming

  • Theflow

    Maffia and cheating is bad for Italy.

  • INTERisLife

    Lately u have being showing that ur a tru ruby fan anything that may threaten ruby chance of winning a a shame claims of ref pulling weight r lies even withvideo evidence u dismiss it u can see the future we have a good coach a could team n now the money to bqck us u know u be second to us next season n that will make u retire…..good bye gigi

  • Azzkikr

    He is right that its a setback or atleast a change to the italian traditions, but its a necessary one, because the money simply isnt there for Italy to keep up without foreign investment.

    If anything, more foreign investment is sorely needed to improve the quality of serie a. So in that regard we should actually not hope the chinese deal for Milan falls through, although as a rival fan it would be hilarious to see them sticking with Berlusconi.

  • Lajoya

    I always knew he’s retarded.

  • casperv

    Hmm He says that foreign investment in Italian football is bad for Serie A – what he means is “foreign investment is bad for JUVENTUS”- he´s simply getting nervous about the future for his Juventus-domination!

  • Interfan99

    Shame, but i believe this is what majority of italian think

  • Playmaker

    Poor goalkeeper, playing in serie B It is a setback for our football and our traditions.

  • nerazzuritilldie

    Mates….you didnt get his meaning….he means “Mafia involvement brings Rube back to glory a along with referees decisions make Rube the best!!”

  • Inter DiHati

    How about paying referees? isn’t it a super setback?

  • 1nteristi

    Sooo cheating is not a setback eeyy

  • arisage

    He is afraid with us 🙂

  • ezekiel

    really!? i respect you as a great goal keeper.. but your opinion just show us, that the chinese investment on the milans club especially inter, have put fear in your heart.. next season with 4 or 5 new players we will chalenge rube for top spot!!!^^

  • Oro_^o^

    Facist detected.