Mazzola: “Pioli is the right man to bring success, Third place? With Inter you never know”

March 30, 2017 15:30
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Sandro Mazzola spoke with on Inter having spoke on Italy:

Ventura knows how to exploit his resources, a little like Pioli at Inter?

“I really like Pioli, he is trustworthy and everything must be done to work continuously. He has innovative and clever ideas, knows how to manage the team and motivate in a productive way. ”

Is third place just a fantasy idea?

“With Inter you never know. When things are impossible they can do them and when they are simple they have fear and lose.”

Do you believe he is the right man?

“Pioli has the right personality to win. It does not transpire outside but with the team know for sure, having spoken to people close to him, he holds high concentration levels and can handle any kind of situation. He has character and quality, these characteristics are rare to find around. He is the right man to bring Inter success. the team, to be competitive at every level, just you need to keep valuable pieces and capture someone in the right places, apart from the usual Verratti, there are other interesting Italian talents to buy without spending excessively.”

As director of sport your best signing was Ronaldo, have you got anything to say on him?

“Ronie was the end of the world. There was a lot of distrust prior to buying it on him, few people believed that in Italy he would be able to make as big a difference as he had managed elsewhere. In the first few months everyone changed their mind, it was only his lack of passing limit and I spoke to him about it. To my remark he replied with dignity when in 1998 he scored a decisive goal to get Inter in to the next round in the UEFA Cup. It was incredible, he set off from midfield dribbling past everyone, including the goalkeeper, but prior to goal he turned to look at me then I ran laughing and shouting: He was a real phenomenon, I have never seen a player so devastating.”

Why did you and Moratti’s relationship end?

“I never understood why myself. Over the years I realised that Moggi had become his adviser, tricking him each year into believing that he would come to Inter, but I do not think this was decisive for our separation. Moggi never wanted the good of Inter, he has always been a great manipulator.”



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