#PODCAST – #StudioInter Episode 76: “Will Juventus lose to Napoli just to spite Inter”

March 30, 2017 16:00
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This is Studio Inter, the most downloaded podcast in English dedicated ENTIRELY to FC Internazionale Milano – where the motto is 100% Inter, 100% of the time ONLY on SempreInter.com.

In this weeks episode of Studio Inter Nima is joined by Max and Mohamed to analyze the disappointing draw against Torino. Nima wonders if the Champions League dream is still a realistic objective prompting Mohamed to argue why Inter’s ambitions of playing in the Champions League disappeared already in October. Max counters that given Napoli’s upcoming fixture schedule, the dream may be realized.

Will Juventus lose to Napoli just to mess with Inter? Who is the best Inter player ofor the month of March? The boys discuss all these issues before previewing the upcoming Sampdoria fixture as well as announcing the Frog, Moggi & Moratti of the week.

All of this and much much more on this weeks episode of StudioInter, only on SempreInter.com so sit back, relax and join the boys as they delve deep into the black & blue world of the Nerazzurri.

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Host: Nima Tavallaey.
Panelists: Max De Luca & Mohamed Nassar.
Edited by: Antonio D’Angelo.
Illustration/design: Tin Milekic.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Peter

    Is this a serious question? When you have won as much as Juvents and are as far ahead of Inter as Juve are I cant see why Juve would let Napoli win. Juventus dont judge their own success according to hurting other serie A teams. That is a attitude of a loser, to gain happiness through other teams misery rather than your own success. No wonder nobody in italy can catch Juve if this is the attitude of the chasing pack.

    • Oro_^o^

      I bet you are from a parallel universe where calciopoli never happened.