Bergomi: “Inter don’t need a revolution, four quality players are needed to be on par with Juve”

March 31, 2017 16:30
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Giuseppe Bergomi






Beppe Bergomi spoke to Leggo on Inter: “Inter do not need a revolution, but four targeted acquisitions with quality: a central defender, a big midfielder, a right winger – who uses their left foot and a viable alternative to Icardi. With these arrivals Inter will be on a par with Juve.”

On Stefano Pioli…”Stefano has deserved to [be given the chance] lead the Nerazzurri next season. He has done great work, bringing Inter to important levels.”

Is Champions League away from Inter…”No, you have to believe and fight to the end. Inter must not give up. It can still happen. Napoli, for example, has a complicated schedule. The challenge with Juve, they must go to Rome to play Lazio, then come to San Siro with Inter and then are in Turin with Torino and face Fiorentina at the San Paolo.”

Icardi being overlooked by Argentina…”This decision makes no sense. And I’ll stop here.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • giointer

    Forza Inter ,Forza Georgia.
    inter youth team is arriving in Georgia thanks inter administration and Levan Seturidze.

  • Farhan Gani

    We need atleast one wingback! The left one is the weakest. D’ambrosio is good defensivly. I dont agree on the midfielder, yes ofcourse I would want a superstar midfielder but lets be realistic, how many are available here really? For Serie A title we have good enuff midfielders in Kondogbia and Gagliardini.
    They need some time together and with other positions being stronger for next season they will also become better.

  • hj

    I agree with Bergomi. I still can’t follow the other fans that comment we need a lot quality players (6-7) to join Inter in order to Inter can challenge Juve.
    The key factor of success of a club depends on the PROPER FOUNDATION that must be polished step by step so a big club like Inter can achieve long-term success.
    Take a look at clubs like Manchester City, even though they manage to be a big club after many investments by Sheikh, they still face difficulty to maintain their throne, and yeah, i agree the other factors why – is because in Premier League there are many big teams.
    But if you analyze many success teams like Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, ManUtd and others – they are a team that polish their foundation step by step so they can achieve many success in the future.
    The only difference between Inter and the others and I could say this is our advantage is we have owner that has ambitions, plans, skills, managements, people, money and many other advantage like Suning!

    “Journey of thousand miles begins with one step.” (Chinese Proverbs)

  • brotherfranciz

    lol 3 starting players and 1 sub (for Icardi) would definitely be defined as a revolution – that’s a quarter of the match day squad line up, or 1 new player on every third of the pitch!

  • Stefano

    Absolutely right,”Mister first (and still only?) field player to win a World Cup at 17 years of age, and even playing the final as a starter”.
    No revolutions but evolution.
    Gradual betterments starting from what we have .
    Actually TWO top players could make this into a scudetto team.
    The best full back we can get + a top offensive player like Sanchez.
    With four we are back in business at ANY level.

  • Biscione
    • casperv

      Yes I saw this too… sounds like a direct invitation to us doesn’t it?

  • Biscione

    All my respect for Beppe, but he forgot that our wekeast points are our fullbacks, so a revolution is needed, atleast 6 players should join us this summer.
    Icardi’s back-up(Schick), a right winger(Bernardeschi), 2 fullbacks(Rodriguez and Zappacosta), a big midfielder( I really don’t know who should we sign considering that we are linked only with Verratti and he is almost impossible to get, maybe Fabinho from Monaco), a centerback(Manolas).

    • casperv

      All in on what you said.. still; would like Muriel as a back up to Icardi; he´s more proven than the young Schick…

      • Biscione

        Meh, Schick has more potential, Muriel is wasted and he is more of a secondary striker and we already have a similiar player named Eder.

      • bajaninter

        Only thing is! If we are talking about a backup for Icardi then we have to think smaller in terms of calibre. So Schick is perfect. Thoes big name are playing second fiddle.

        • casperv

          Muriel isn’t a big name and I guess he would love to join us even to play second fiddle to Icardi- next year they will be a lot of games and Icardi needs a break once and a while…

    • kuda

      I agree on everything you said.

    • Octo

      I don’t think he did forget actually. He remembers that the whole team has a role to play in defending. And that doesn’t necessarily mean tracking back (it can but not always). For example, part of the role of wingers is to push up and pin the opposition full backs back where they can’t break forwards and overwhelm the full backs.

      Also, I like the way you have added on more players to Bergomi’s words but completely accepted the 4 areas of weakness he has identified. I disagree. In the ideal world, we would buy
      1. Manolas (contract expiring 2018, kind of a known target so won’t get Juve or anyone else worried),
      2. Verratti (most difficult of my 4 targets, Italian, will make Serie A take notice and likelihood is Juve will then push like mad for Bernadeschi and get him—call it a necessary sacrifice. We need Vaerratti + Manolas to convince Player 3 our project is the right choice)
      3. Sanchez (contract expiring 2018, Arsenal are regressing and he is not, Serie A experience, chemistry with Medel, can play all across the frontline, including centre forward where he would do a better job than Schick or Muriel or any of the other names being thrown around as backups to Icardi, this would make the boards at Juve/Roma/Napoli really worried so has to be a later move than the other 2)
      4. Sidibe (Monaco are open to selling him this summer, France international which means his place here will force Deschamps to keep an eye on K-dog, can play both full back roles and push on our existing guys)

      If Gabigol can start to perform that gives us:
      Sanchez – Icardi – Gabigol
      Verrati – Kondogbia – Gagliardini
      Ansaldi – Medel – Manolas – Sidibe

      Meanwhile we can have Perisic, Banega, Mario, Candreva, Miranda, Murillo and 1 of DiMarco/Miangue in the squad for competition. Brozo, Eder, Biabiany, Palacio, Andreoli, Nagatomo, Santon, Berni can all leave

      • casperv

        Well we can all dream now with Suning! But honestly I don’t believe Verratti or Sanchez will arrive. Both have clubs like Real and Barca chasing them… we need a strong midfielder to lead the way and guid Gagliardini and Kondogbia (my choice would be Krychowiak or what his name is or even better: Naingolan!)
        But we really need upgrades on full back positions especially if we are going to play with the wingers you mention yourself!!
        Non of Gabi nor Sanchez will track back and help out in defense but Perisic, Candreva do now which helps Anseldi and D’Ambros a lot.
        If we wanna play with more attacking minded wingers (I want Berardi and Sanchez too, or Bernardeschi whom I like a lot) then we need players who knows to defends with impact like Rodriguez and Zappacosta or someone else.

        Medel in central defense is okay now but not for many years to come-he lacks too much in the air and Miranda is getting more and more sluggish plus is getting old too -so at least one quality center back is needed. (Manolas )
        Players to leave Anseldi, Santon, Naga, Broso (like him but is not really needed) Gabi on loan, Andreolli, Biabiany, Eder, Palacio Pinamonti on loan even I’d consider a sale of Handanovic to England and in stead get in Obliak, Perin or even Donnarumma who hasn’t signed a new contact with Milan.

        • Bellal Amerkhail

          Donnarumma at this rate will never join us

          • casperv

            Don’t say that, his agent (Raiola) is world famous for making his clients change clubs for no reason other than gold and glory and right now Milan can’t offer any of those!
            Plus Raiola has many times talked nicely about Suning so….

          • Bellal Amerkhail

            i feel like he might join juve at this rate..

          • casperv

            Yes me too… but still you never now what Suning can pull up…

          • Bellal Amerkhail

            hopefully another hidden gem like gagliardini, and signings around or above the level of perisic, mario, banega etc

        • Octo

          Well, my dream would be (assuming we have funds unlimited, but want a high impact team that works in Italy and also accepting the fact there exist certain players sensible money sums can’t buy like Donnarumma, Messi, Neymar)

          Sanchez – Icardi – Coutinho
          Verratti – Kondogbia – Gagliardini
          Hector – Medel – Rudiger – Vrsalkjo

          Also keep: Handanovic, Ansaldi, Miranda, Murillo, D’Ambrosio, Mario, Banega, Perisic, Gabigol

          Every listed player except Hector and Verratti have Serie A experience but both of them are established internationals with international teammates in that squad. Manolas is much talked about and I hope we get him but in a dream side we wouldn’t need to enter a bidding war for him-we’d just buy his younger teammate Rudiger

          Release/sell: Berni, Carrizo, Nagatomo, Santon, Andreolli, Brozo, Candreva, Eder, Biabiany, Palacio

          • casperv

            Would be a nice line up and getting Coutinho “Home” would mean another home-grown taltent if I´m not mistaken… Don’t know HEctor but Rodriguez is great… Manolas is better than Rudiger if you ask me, and he has already started to whine and complain about “Italian football is all about tactics”. As for Vrsalkjo = if you´re not good enough to play for Atletico our not good enough for us!

          • Octo

            I hadn’t heard that about Rudiger, that’s a fair point—Manolas for CB then. Hector is so much better than Rodriguez—try and watch him play for Germany, he’s good 🙂 Vrsaljko has taken a while to settle it’s true. But he had just established himself ahead of Juanfran then got injured which is why he’s not even been on the bench recently.

      • sheldon phoolchan

        I like your line up..I wish for veratti and Sanchez too..but u know gabigol is not.gonna start over candreva!!!Ricardo Rodriguez for Ansaldi.

    • INTERisLife

      Swap fiorentina scum for berardi n make kdog brozo n galardini fight for holding role n mario n benagea fight for trequritisa.keep dombro as rotarion full back sell all the others

      • Stefano

        Keep Ansaldi from the bench too.