CdS: Berardi close to Inter, he can join in the summer

March 31, 2017 14:00
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Corriere dello Sport report that Domenico Berardi can realise his childhood dream and join Inter in the summer. Acquiring Federico Bernardeschi is more complex and Inter have followed Berardi for a long time and he is very close.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Stefano

    Berardi already “working for us”.
    Berardi 1 -Lazio 0.

    • Andika Pradana

      Unfortunately, the result didn’t come to us.

  • Stefano

    Just the fact that he clearly spelled out, in a public interview:
    ” I am an interista,so I would rather not play for juve,I just have an hard time see myself playing for them “.


  • syahrul sembarang

    Still hoping for sachez to come

    • Stefano

      And I LOVE Berardi!
      ..but Sanchez is just some other level.
      A natural born winner,the type of player who makes a difference all by himself.
      Sanchez AND Berardi would be the bomb.

      • il Biscione

        Berardi could become our very own Thomas Muller, but I agree that we still need also a world class attacker like Sanchez.

      • Bellal Amerkhail

        Sanchez wont join us unless were in CL

  • nozanneti

    Domenico Berardi can realise his childhood dream and join Inter

    ———————– W – E – L – C – O – M – E internista !! ;-))))))))))

    • Stefano

      Just the fact that he said , he actually, clearly spelled it out:
      ” I am an interista ,so it’s hard for me to see myself playing for juve in the future,I’d rather not”.

      He got reprimanded by his president for that.(that’s not how you say things like that in public know..).
      Just that fact alone.
      They actually have “anti Berardi ” avatars and GIF’s in the Italian juventini forums.
      Just that alone.

  • Mohamed Kindi

    If Perisic is staying then I agree one of the players is enough
    But if he is leaving, adding the chance of Gabigol to be loaned, I think we must sign both players specially if we did the correct calculation here, we will stop juve from gaining more power by signing both players.

    • INTERisLife

      Berardi for candreva fioretina wont sell bernardeschi to ruby because thwy hate them plus he a milan fan aslong as he doesnt come to us

    • Stefano

      I have the strongest feeling Gabi will end up in Atalanta,on a one or two years max straight loan.
      I accept bets.