Di Marzio: Conte, possibility of an Inter move next season

March 31, 2017 23:30
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Federico Pastorello, Antonio Conte‘s agent, interviewed by Gianlucadimarzio, admitted that there is a possibility that his client may depart Chelsea after only one season:

“If you win a league and start a winning era, your objective is to ensure continuity. But if bids come from high level clubs, in particular, historical clubs, there may be new opportunities”.

Antonio Conte has been linked with a few clubs, but mostly Inter who have been interested in the Italian manager since the departure of Frank de Boer. Suning’s intentions were to find a temporary replacement, which was Stefano Pioli, until a bigger name like Conte or Simone leave their side. Surprisingly, Pioli performed well and impacted the squad greatly – it is now up to Suning to decide to keep Pioli or let him go and offer Conte or Simone a job in Milan.

Source: GianlucadiMarzio

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • nozanneti

    conte is better coach than simeone and his kug-fu football style.

  • Cian T

    I was always under the impression that Simeone would join next season when his contract expires, what happened there?? I say give Pioli another season then bring in Simeone

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    Keep pioli, consider simeone and conte if pioli fails.

  • Asyrof Syarif

    With this rumours stayin around, could ruin the locker room…smell like a conspiration. Should have a petition to keep Pioli at charge.

    • Nu’man ‘Zeus’ Anggara

      yes. that’s important for fans to make petition

  • Eusebio

    Well I think Conte hates how it ended with Juve. I could see him joining Inter just for that reason, to spite them… He is a great coach, idk who he played for or coached before as long as he would bring the same success as he has for his other teams.

  • INTer

    if this guy come in i will quit support this club

    • Feras Gheblawi

      Plz don’t we need u

    • ezekiel

      what!? really!?^^

    • il Biscione

      Signing Conte just reminds too much of signing Lippi back in the days. Give Pioli a chance and if that doesn’t work out get Simeone. Simeone could be our new Herrera. Big no to Conte!

    • nozanneti

      ever heard about good profesiionals ??
      moratti was in love with inter and … took money from thohir and run away from his “loved inter”. all we need is the best qualified person. tatoos are for children… yet, I personally would keep pioli and see what he can do in a longer run …

      • il Biscione

        Ever heard about our bitter rivalry with Rube? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think their idiot fans saying we needed Juve’s man to start winning again. Plus Conte would leave the second he gets a more appealing offer. That “professional” would only be with us because of money.

        • Biscione

          woah, great name.

          • il Biscione

            Not bad, but not too creative 😀 I’ve had the grass snake here at least two years, but I rarely comment these articles. I should change it to something more creative like yesvieri..

          • il Biscione

            C. Dorf would also be quite funny, but he isn’t our legend, just passed through.

        • nozanneti

          consider this possible situation:
          conte wins against juve with inter. you mock juve fans for loss and for conte.

  • Nerazzurri88

    I don’t even want this guy to be considered our coach for next season. This guy has Juventus tattooed in his forehead. Same thing goes with Ancelotti and his Milan background. I don’t care if Conte is the best coach ever. I just cannot see why would we be replacing a real Interista for someone who has written the word Juventus all over.

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Best coach ever???

      • Andika Pradana

        Please underline that word.

  • defcon

    I’d vote for keeping Pioli. He deserve a proper chance to lead this team.

  • La Selecta

    Pioli for at least one more season then bring in Simeoni if we have not at least qualified for champions league

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Nothing hurts more than reading this fag’s name in one sentence with Inter.