Gazzetta: The great work of Suning in reducing Inter’s balance

March 31, 2017 15:30
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Gazzetta dello Sport have praised Suning’s work on Inter’s negative balance. At the end of 2014/15 it sat at -140 million, Suning have reduced this to -60 million through sponsorship and other deals. By the end of the season, Inter are expected to be 24 million in the red, around equal budget. Yearly wages have rose 8 million however from 116 to 124 million.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • A. Zanetti

    Impressive! Kudos to Thohir & Co for bridging us to Suning, the owner who has ambitions, brain and deep pocket 🙂

  • frigo

    Here we have to give what it’s due to Thohir, after Moratti’s financial disaster, no matter if we like him or not. Because he and Bolingbroke did the dirty job in their three years managing the club! Cutting costs everywhere, lowering salaries and increasing a little bit revenue! Now Suning with their financial power and business knowledge, will develop that increasing the revenue through all channels, sponsor deals, tv rights, merchandising, ticket sales, Champions League participation, possible new stadium in the future, etc. The most important thing is that Inter supposed to become company who deliver profit, not losses. The club must be managing like business company, because global football is now serious business! It’s important our club to be recognizable brand independent from anyone’s money and will to invest!

  • casperv

    Finally an owner who knows something about money-spending/savings!