Marcelo Brozovic starts to follow Man United on Instagram

April 5, 2017 20:30
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After his horror performance against Sampdoria Marcelo Brozovic’s Instagram activity was rather suspicious photo evidence posted across social media has shown. The Croatian midfielder proceeded to like Manchester United’s profile, who he has been linked with in recent weeks, before going on to like their latest post. Whether it was a suggestion about where his future lies or done out of spite, talk about his future remains persistent.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • syahrul sembarang

    Stupid act after stupid performance by stupid player.

  • Binto Baggio

    Although brozo has talent, but Its hard to defend him nowadays, he plays bad, his attitude bad, and inter need money to meet FFP regulation, so I guess brozo should be sacrifice for the sake of inter

    • Bianconeri

      His attitude is bad? Well that’s the kind of players Inter deserve. Look at your captain, the biggest shithead in world football!


  • INTer

    he can go nobody care

  • Omar

    You go there and play like you played on Monday, I guarantee you being raped and pissed on

  • nozanneti

    one shoe yellow, the other one red, pass without watching :

  • nozanneti

    recommended by mou in zagreb

  • bajaninter

    Bla bla bla do you bruh. Give ah f***?

  • JAY

    bye felica

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  • Broux

    Please sell this freaking stupid .

  • Biscione

    He also started to follow City and Chelsea later today, I checked 😀

    • Musavie Abdillah

      let’s put this into context. it means his heart face to premier league. I guess we need to sell immediately someone who no longer have the heart to play for this shirt.

  • Zoki

    At this point I wouldn’t mind selling him.