Player Ratings – Crotone 2 – 1 Inter: Pathetic Performance

April 11, 2017 10:20
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Each time you tell yourself as an Interista, it cant get worse than this! It’s almost as if the team takes it as a challenge. A meek Inter suffered their first back to back defeats under Stefano Pioli. That too against a team that will mostly be relegated. Find out how each player did under the Calabrian sun.

Handanovic – 5 It was like he was glued to the goal line. Poor defending yes, but he rarely inspires confidence. It always feels like he doesn’t want to be here.

D’Ambrosio – 5.5 Shocking first half, especially just after signing a contract extension. Much better 2nd half, one of the better players and scored for the 2nd game running.

Murillo – 4.5  I’m going to keep this short and sweet. A certain guy playing for Hull City now would look like a legend next to this Murillo.

Miranda – 6  The only shining light. Maybe he was to blame for the 2nd goal partially, but he was the only one who looked like he could stop them. He gave his all.

Ansaldi – 5.5  Again tried really hard, he had virtually 0 support from the midfield and Perisic, but still not enough. Hauled off at HT it should have been Perisic.

Medel – 5  Pioli’s first decision was to move Gary to central defense. Today he rolled it back. Looked much better in defense in the 2nd half. Proof enough?

Kondogbia – 5.5  Daddles on the ball a bit too much. Out-muscled, Out-played in the first half. Much better 2nd half as he had some support but still not enough.

Candreva – 4 Right now he’s the favorite for the worst signing of the summer award. Just couldn’t do anything at all. Plays like a 16 year old debutant, runs like a 30 yr old.

Banega – 4.5 Y Still learning Italian football. Didn’t have any space in the first half. Couldn’t get involved. The 2nd half he played deeper, marginally better but that’s about it.

Perisic – 4.5 His mind is not here. Ivan’s biggest attributes are his footballing brain, pace and dribbling. 0 dribbles, no shots on target. He is out of gas and shouldn’t have started.

Icardi – 4.5 Was he even playing? He touched the ball just 18 times. Yes the support from the wings is poor, but he has struggled away from the San Siro for a very long time.

Palacio – 5  Perfect player to bring on when you are 2-0 up. Not the other way around. Yes he runs more than anyone else but we needed goals and something special.

Eder – 5.5 Hit the post and ran a lot, the midfield really didn’t provide any chances to our forwards but Eder was his usual industrious self. Perfect supersub.

Joao Mario – 5 This run of starting on the bench for a few games in a row has shattered his confidence. He looks like a shadow of the player we saw earlier this season.

Pioli – 4.5 Got the starting 11 wrong, there is no way the same attackers should have started after 2 poor performances. If he doesn’t do that he might not survive the summer.

Marco Guida – 6.5 I have to say I was pissed off during the game at his decisions, but looking back he got the major ones right and generally managed to keep control.

Inter – 4.5 Where is the strong mentality? Do these guys even train together all week? Mentally the squad are back to where we were towards the end of the De Boer era.

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj