Mazzola: “Suning can sign Messi”

April 20, 2017 18:45
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Inter legend Sandro Mazzola spoke on Suning to Radio Kiss Kiss: “The initial impact of the new owners was hard to judge, I was then told that the Chinese are actually humble and do not like to act in an impetuous way. They firstly want to learn about the environment. Suning can sign Messi, it is possible for him to arrive. The Chinese could either sign the best players or bet on the youth academy: they must do both.” 


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Playmaker

    no, how about suarez. icardi need competition in line up. or we can play 4-4-2

  • Mohamed Kindi

    Lets buy Neymar then

  • il Biscione

    Ok. It was about time somebody told this months “we can buy Messi”-joke. These are getting as old as Messi.

  • nozanneti

    bet on the youth academy:……———
    talking honestly, they must start nearly FROM SCRATCH !!! even than they must have “know-how” and that they cannot find at inter academy… sorry.

  • nozanneti

    why, to lose from psg, juve, etc. and to pay more than 100mill for that joy ?

  • Saudijac_30